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10 Best Man Speech Examples




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best man speech examples

A wedding speech has several key elements. It needs to start with compliments, mention the day of the wedding, and thank the bride and groom’s parents. However, it should not be a long list of thank yous. In order to avoid boring the audience, the speech should also be entertaining and informative.


Anecdotes are a great way to spice up a speech, but be careful not to use too many of them. You want the best man speech to be uplifting and memorable, not to make the groom look bad. Also, avoid snide remarks or tasteless humor. Instead, use your anecdotes to make a point. Lastly, make sure that the speech captures the essence of the groom and his best friends.

Anecdotes are also a great way to make a speech more personal. You can tell a story that involves the groom and the bride. You can even make light of the groom’s sex life, if you’re comfortable with it. Anecdotes are a fun way to tell a story and make the audience laugh, so don’t be afraid to get personal!

When writing a funny best man speech, make sure to speak confidently. Although you may feel nervous when delivering your speech, it’s important to make sure that the audience doesn’t notice that you’re nervous. Having a confident voice will make your punchlines sound smoother. Your posture should also convey confidence. If you’re rigid or stiff, it will make the audience feel uncomfortable.

Anecdotes can also be very emotional. If you’re nervous about speaking in front of a crowd, a few stories related to the groom’s relationship will help ease the awkwardness. Remember to thank everyone involved, especially the bridesmaids and bar staff. Your gratitude will be much appreciated, and your speech will have more weight.


When it comes to best man speeches, there are two key components: the content and the structure. The first part focuses on the groom, and is an opportunity to poke fun at him. If you want to be a bit more personal, you can talk about your relationship with him. Aside from that, you can also talk about the bride, her personality, and why the newlyweds will be great together.

A best man speech should be funny, but not too sappy. If you are planning to use jokes, you need to keep in mind the audience’s reaction. It’s best to avoid topics that are controversial or embarrassing, like the groom’s past relationships. Similarly, you don’t want to use inside jokes that only the bride and groom know.

Jokes can be very funny, but you should make sure that they are genuinely funny and specific to the groom. When choosing a joke, remember that you should never use the one you would use in a stand-up routine. While this may make your speech more interesting, you should avoid making it more corny.

Jokes are a great way to insert some truths and tell a story. Start with the groom and work your way up to the bride and groom’s families. Include jibes about yourself as well, as the best man. A good wingman joke is one that focuses on the groom’s habits, behavior, and looks. Remember that jokes add humor and make everything more interesting.

As a best man, you need to make sure the speech is fun for everyone. You should avoid one-liners that are too corny and make the audience cringe. Instead, try focusing on real life experiences with the groom, as they will naturally develop into comedic moments. When you have reached the punch line, deliver it with clarity. A preemptive laugh may take the edge off the big reveal, but too much laughter can be embarrassing.

Anecdotes about your relationship with the couple

While there are many ways to give a best man speech, it is best to avoid anything too sappy. Keep in mind that the best man speech is meant to impart valuable marital advice, not rip off the couple. That said, it is still acceptable to make a few jokes, especially at the groom’s expense.

Use anecdotes that relate to the couple in some way. While a speech should not be a list of points read from a slip of paper, using anecdotes can tie together points and make the speech flow more smoothly.

Use anecdotes about your relationship with each of the bride and groom. These stories are a great way to make the audience laugh. They also make great icebreakers. Just be sure to keep them positive and uplifting.

Keep the speech short and sweet. It is best to stick to two to five minutes. If you have more time, consider a humorous speech. A good wedding speech can be a mixture of humor and sincere gratitude to the bride and groom.

Anecdotes about your relationship will help your speech go over well with the guests. Try telling stories from your relationship with the couple to ease the nervousness. Including a few anecdotes about your relationship with them will make the guests feel closer to you.

While using personal stories is acceptable, the best man speech should be about the groom. Include funny anecdotes about the groom that relate to the groom. It can be fun to talk about how you met the groom and his wife. Also mention the groom’s new wife in your speech.


Self-deprecation is a great way to inject some humor into your best man speech. It appeals to all ages, so it’s an excellent way to start the speech. A good way to get started is with a joke about how nervous you are. Then, once you’ve warmed up, you can try to get the audience to laugh.

The use of self-deprecation is a popular way to open a conversation, but it’s important to understand that self-deprecation has negative effects on your body and wellbeing. Though it can be funny and endearing to the audience, it can also lead to self-sabotage.

However, you don’t need to overdo it. Self-deprecation should be used sparingly in a best man speech. It’s a common mistake, and one that should be avoided at all costs. It can be hard to resist the urge to downplay one’s accomplishments.

While self-deprecation in best man speech samples isn’t always the most appropriate, it’s a fun way to get your point across. If you’re talking to a group of grandparents and children, it’s better not to go overboard with your humor. A few jokes about the groom or his inexperience can be a good start, but make sure you don’t go too far.


If you’re looking for the best man speech examples, you’ve come to the right place. Best man speeches need a lot of creativity, originality, and hard work, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time writing one. Thankfully, there are some tips you can follow to keep the process moving forward and the final result inspiring. Here are 10 tips to make your best man speech the best one yet!

o Avoid embarrassing the groom or the bride. While it is tempting to make jokes about the bride, don’t do so at her expense. A good rule of thumb is to not make the groom’s day by making a silly joke about him. Instead, make the speech positive by giving the couple a nice compliment.

o Start with an introduction. Introduce yourself to the audience and start by thanking the couple for the invitation. Afterward, share a funny story or memory about the groom. You can also give credit to the previous speaker. If you’re writing your best man speech using notecards, you should include some open loops.

o Make sure you’re funny. Most best man speeches use a bit of humor, but be sure not to make the speech sound forced or sarcastic. Make it sound genuine and authentic. It’ll help keep the crowd interested and engaged. Also, try to avoid insulting the bride or telling scandalous stories. Besides, you don’t want to sound snarky or narcissistic.

o Use humorous opening lines. Use your speech as an icebreaker. If you’re going to mention the groom or the bride, use humorous lines to break the tone. A few jokes will also help break the tension and provide some comic relief. Remember to have a Plan B, too.

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