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Writing an Anniversary Message to Your Wife




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When writing an anniversary message to your wife, consider the sentiments you want to convey. Good news can show your wife how much you care for her. You may consider hiring a professional wordsmith to write a touching letter for your wife. Alternatively, you can choose to write the message yourself and use creative words and expressions to show your wife how much you love her.

I’ve been married for a year, and I must admit it’s been the best year of my life. I’ve decided to write an anniversary message to my wife. It can be hard to find the right words, though. So here are some tips for writing your anniversary message—and getting all of them right!

Start with A Joke

A good anniversary message should be both personal and funny. Humor is a great way to show your wife that you value her, but it’s important not to go overboard. If you’re planning on using humor in your anniversary message, try starting with a joke specific to your wife. Is she into running? Find a funny running joke and make sure it’s either related directly to her or at least about something she loves (like running).

You also have to be aware of what kind of jokes work for your spouse: Does she have a sense of humor? If so, does she enjoy silly puns or smart jokes? What kinds of things does she like best? What types of jokes does he find most amusing? Once again: Be mindful of this!

Write Down Your Favorite Memories From The Past Year

Write down your favorite memories from the past year. Don’t just write down the big things like the time you bought her a new car or the night you went on your first date, but also include all the smaller moments that make up a happy marriage.

Don’t forget to include those small things that only you and your wife would know about, like how she likes to sleep with her feet tucked under her body or how he always sneezes twice before he says, “bless you.” This is where personalization comes into play, so don’t be afraid to get creative when describing these moments!

You may also want to include some unique moments in your relationship that have been shared only between the two of you—it could be something as simple as having dinner at home without any distractions or watching television together while sitting on opposite ends of the couch (weirdly enough, this is one of our favorites).

Thank Her for Being a Great Wife

Thank her for being a great wife. After all, you’re the one who chose her and married her. You probably also decided to commit to this relationship, in which case, she’s got to be pretty special. For example:

  • Thank her for being a great mom.
  • Thank her for being an excellent cook.
  • Thank her for making your home feel like a home (if this is true).

Sometimes it can be hard to see things from another person’s perspective, but if you want to write an anniversary message that honors your wife in specific and meaningful ways—and doesn’t just say “I love you”—then try looking beyond the surface level and think about what she does that makes your life better than it would otherwise be without here there in your daily life!

Ask Her to Tell You Something About Herself

Ask her to tell you something about herself. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember the details of our lives when we’re busy living them. This can be especially true if we’ve been together for a while; it’s easy to forget how much we don’t know about each other. Ask your wife to tell you something she didn’t tell you before or anything that she thinks would be fun for you to talk about!

Maybe it’s something from her childhood that stands out in her mind, or perhaps it’s one of her favorite places that she’d love for you two to visit someday together. Maybe there is a food she loves so much (maybe even an unhealthy food) and wants some suggestions on how best to prepare it at home…or maybe there are books on which movie versions were better than others? The possibilities are endless!

Tell Her About Your Dreams for The Future

You can also tell her about your dreams for the future. You may have some specific goals in mind that you want to accomplish together, or perhaps there are things you’ve been thinking about doing with her. The important thing is to be clear and specific regarding your hopes so that she knows exactly what they are and what she can do to help make them happen.

It’s a great way of ensuring that you both feel supported in your relationship, which is an integral part of a healthy marriage.

Give Her a Heads up About Something You’re Planning

You could tell her that you are planning a surprise, but don’t tell her what it is. If you’re feeling creative and stealthy, add a hint of what the surprise might be. Tell her you bought something special for dessert if she’s into cooking or baking.

If she’s not into food as much as other gifts, give her a hint about an item on sale at the mall or online store where she likes to shop. This way, she’ll be able to start thinking about how she wants to decorate with it or wear it when it arrives in the mail (or when you show up at home with it).

Be Specific About Something You Love About Her or How She Makes You Feel

  • Tell her why she is special to you.
  • How does she make you feel?
  • What makes her laugh?
  • What inspires her, and how does that inspire you?
  • How does she make you feel safe and protected?
  • How does she make you feel loved and cared for?
  • How does she make you feel valued by your family and friends because of her presence in their lives (or yours)?

You Know Your Wife Best

But the best anniversary messages are always personal. You know your wife best, so try to make your anniversary message one that only you could write. Here’s what we mean:

  • Use your own words. If there’s some way for you to express how much she means to you in a way that feels natural and true, then do it!
  • Tell her something she doesn’t already know about herself or share with others. It’ll be special for both of you if she hears it from someone else or sees it on Facebook later!
  • Be specific in how much she means to you—i.e., don’t just say, “I love the woman I married.” That’s too generic! Instead, try saying something like: “Your smile lights up my whole world.” Or maybe try something more fun like, “You’re my favorite person ever…aside from Ryan Gosling.” This kind of specificity is essential because when people think back on their lives later down the road (assuming they have long-term memory), they want to remember concrete details rather than generalities such as “My husband loved me very much” (unless he did).


The last thing we want is for you to be overwhelmed by all of the possible ways you can write an anniversary message for your wife. Remember, this isn’t a competition—it’s just about making someone feel good and showing them that they’re important to you. If you struggle with what to say or where to start, try breaking the process down into smaller steps: maybe start with a joke before getting into specific memories and details about how she makes you feel. But ultimately, it’s going to come down to knowing each other well enough so that whatever comes out will sound genuine and heartfelt!

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