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The bachelorette party celebrates the bride’s last night as a single woman. It’s also about having fun with your friends, which means there has to be entertainment for everyone. There are so many great ways to do this, from hardcore drinking games like Never Have I Ever (which we’ll get into later) to silly ones like The Bachelorette Bar Games below. Even if your group isn’t into drinking, these games will still provide plenty of laughs while keeping everyone on their toes!

There are many fun bachelorette party games that you can play with your friends. Games such as Pin the Mr. on the Man, Guess the Kisses, and Drunk Jenga is a few fun options. These games will ensure that you have a great time. They are also an excellent way to bond with your friends before the big day.

Pin the Mr. on the Man

Getting the girls together for bachelorette bar games is an excellent way to make new friends and have fun. A couple of favorites include Pin the Mr. on the Man, a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This game involves placing ridiculous-looking units on a man’s chest. Whoever pins the most units on the macho wins a poster. Bachelorette party games should also include prizes and cocktails.

For the bachelorette version, use an image of a good-looking man. Each player spins a paper tail in a circle, and the goal is to pin it on the donkey’s bum. The bride starts the game, but you can also change it up to include a sexy picture of the man.

Another popular bachelorette party game is the Bachelorette’s Bar Challenge (Card Game). In this game, the bachelorette has two hours to collect five different Shot cards. She starts with five cards and earns more by performing specific actions. The winner gets to assign her friends certain shots. It’s a fun game to play at a pub or out of town.

Guess the Kisses

A unique game to play with friends and family at a bachelorette party is ‘Guess the Kisses.’ It’s a great way to spend a romantic night out and create a souvenir for the bride-to-be. This clean and romantic game requires no special equipment and is perfect for an indoor location. When guests leave their kisses on the paper, the bride tries to guess how many she received. The bride then signs each mark with her own lipstick and puts it into a colorful collage.

A variation of this game is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. For this game, you’ll need a large cutout of your fiance and tape it to the wall. Players will then have to guess whose kiss is on which face. Once they guess the person’s face correctly, they’ll kiss on their cheek. You’ll need to do this for as long as the fiance has a kiss on him, which can take a while – so make sure the kisses are in good taste.

The game can be played with a deck of cards. To play, each person selects a card from the deck and licks its printed side. Then they must guess whether their card is higher or lower than their opponent’s. If someone gets it wrong, they’ll have to drink.

Guess the Kisses Bachelorette Party Games – Playing a Guess the Kisses bachelorette party game with your friends and family is a blast! You don’t need a lot of money, though! You can even use a cheap clipboard as a writing surface.

If you’re planning to host the bachelorette party at home, you can use the Bride To Be Picture It Party Game, a clean and fun bachelorette party game. You’ll need a few cards, a hat, and a list of bridal-themed words. You’ll need to act out the words without saying them. This game will get the crowd laughing and the competition will increase.

Guess the Kisses bachelorette party game is an excellent way to get your guests laughing and to bond with one another. The bride-to-be reads out the first list item, and then the other players have to guess. If they guess right, they take a sip, and if they get it wrong, they have to drink again. The game continues until the bride-to-be has run out of ideas or the other players tap out.

Another game to play is ‘Lie Detector.’ Similar to the real-life version, this game requires the bachelorette to answer embarrassing questions. You can also choose different difficulty levels for the game, depending on how uncomfortable you want the bachelorette to appear. In the end, the person with the most points wins!

Drunk Jenga

The classic board game Jenga is perfect for a bachelorette party or a girl’s night out. While playing the game, the goal is to build a tower by stacking wooden blocks. Players take turns pulling out blocks without causing the tower to fall. The game gets more difficult as you progress, so keep an eye on your moves.

If you’d like to have a little more fun, you can play drunk Jenga. You can make up rules for the game, such as making someone drink alcohol to win, or you can simply follow the instructions on the cards. This game can be played anywhere, and you can even make it an excuse for a few drinks.

Another fun game for a bachelorette party is a scavenger hunt. You’ll need a list of items to find, and the first person to find them wins. Make sure to wear a t-shirt for this game so everyone knows you’re on a bachelorette party. This game will keep everyone entertained for hours. It’s also a great way to get everyone involved in the bachelorette celebration.

This card game is a must-have for a girls’ night. Each player has a colored deck of cards. Each player takes one card from their corresponding color. You can play this game solo or as a group. The different colored decks represent different mini-games.

The Engagement Ring

The engagement ring game is a great way to get the bride-to-be to have fun, relax and feel more comfortable around her soon-to-be husband. You’re going to need one ring for each person playing the game.

Pick someone you think would be an interesting choice for your best friend or family member. For example, if they like sports, pick an athlete who hasn’t won many championships yet—then ask them questions about that athlete so they can guess which one they are! If they love animals, then give them hints based on animal names: “Does this person live in the zoo? Or is he/she wild?” The possibilities are endless for guessing who people are based on clues from friends or family members!

The Straw Boobies

The basic idea is that you need two teams, and each team needs a bunch of straws. One person from each team will be the “babe”, and the other players will be their “boobies”. The boobies will all line up on one side of the room, and the babes will stand on the opposite side of the room.

The babes will then start running towards their boobies, trying to knock them over with their breasts. If they can do so without being knocked over themselves, they win! However, if they get hit by any of their own teammates’ boobs while trying to run through them (or if someone knocks over your teammate), then it’s game over for both teams.

The Chocolate Body Paint

Chocolate body paint is fun to get the bachelorette and her friends messy. Chocolate body paint is dirty but not difficult to clean up, and it’s not edible. This game is best for people with no allergies or sensitivities to chocolate, as chocolate can cause acute allergic reactions in some people.

The Mother-In-Law Phone Call

The mother-in-law phone call is a great game to end your night on. It’s fun and light, but it can also get some good laughs from the guests at your party.

  • Make a phone call to your mother-in-law.
  • Ask her questions like, “How do you feel about your son marrying my daughter?” or “What advice do you have for the bride and groom?”
  • Take notes on anything funny she says during this conversation so everyone at the party can hear it later!

The Love Letter

  • Write a love letter.
  • Give it to her before she goes to bed.
  • Read it aloud to her before you go to bed, but don’t show it until the morning of your wedding.
  • Include a gift certificate for a massage or spa day as part of your gift!

The X-Rated Balloon Pop

The bachelorette puts on a blindfold, and everyone in the room pops balloons. The bachelorette has to guess who popped each balloon by listening to the other players’ voices. If she guesses right, she gets to pop one of her balloons!

Tip: This is an excellent game if you have many people at your party because there are many different voices popping balloons at once (and it’s harder for one person to stand out). But suppose you’re hosting an intimate gathering with only three or four guests. In that case, I recommend doing something else—because when just one person is popping all the balloons, it’ll be easy for your friends to identify them by listening closely enough.

These Games Are Fun to Share a Great Night with Your Bachelorette

Bachelorette party games are great fun for all of the bridesmaids and guests. These games are meant to be silly, so don’t take them too seriously! They’re a great way to get the bride out of her comfort zone and into a different mindset for her big day.


We hope you have fun with these games, and we know your bachelorette will too! We wish nothing but the best for her.

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