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Bridal Shower Activities That Aren’t Games




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bridal shower activities no games

The best bridal shower activities aren’t always games, and this article has some ideas for non-game-based activities. These include a scavenger hunt, a race, or a team activity. The aim is to get guests up and moving, and get everyone interacting with each other.

Ideas for a Friends-themed bridal shower

Having a Friends-themed bridal shower is a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be’s favorite television show. The show was a beloved sitcom that ran from the early 90s to the early 2000s. Whether you are a huge fan of the show or not, a Friends bridal shower will be a lot of fun!

A great way to make the shower extra special is by serving FRIENDS-themed food. The food can be inspired by one of the show’s characters, such as Joey and Chandler. You can also serve food that they both love. For example, Joey and Chandler are fond of sandwiches, and Rachel and Phoebe enjoy a classic English trifle.

Other Friends-themed decorations can include a retro phone that guests can use to sign in. You can also get a notepad and pen set up for guests to fill out during the shower. You can also get some great on-theme signage for the shower. For example, you can purchase a “Friends” wedding shower sign that features the bride’s name.

Another great way to make a Friends-themed bridal shower extra special is by hiring a cake maker. Cakes from the local bakery, just desserts by jess, can be a fun way to celebrate the bride-to-be. For food, you can use Friends-themed plates and cups.

As for party favors, FRIENDS-themed custom scented candles are a great idea. They come with a cute design on the lid, and they can be personalized with the bride-to-be’s name. The colors and designs in these favors can be based on the colors of Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

Pictionary game

A Pictionary game is a fun activity for a bridal shower. This classic game can be customized to include bridal shower-related topics. The bride, of course, is the first artist and must draw the first phrase from the bowl. Then, players must guess which phrase matches the other bride-to-be’s date.

Guests can split into teams of two or more. One team will draw, while the other will answer. Set a timer for 45 seconds or one minute. This will make it easier for the guests to complete the tasks quickly. The team that gets the most correct pairings wins. The game is a fun way to get everyone involved!

You can use a Pictionary game for bridal shower activities by using printable cards. You can download free game cards online or print your own. Then, ask guests to draw the bride’s picture using the words they hear. The bride can arbitrate the contesting answers if necessary.

If you are having a bridal shower, make sure to choose an easy-to-play game that everyone will enjoy. Pictionary is a classic party game that requires little explanation. Guests tend to have more fun participating in the game than they do learning the rules. Make sure that everyone has a set of index cards and enough pens to accommodate the number of guests.

Another game that requires little preparation is the romantic movie game. You can print out a printable worksheet with quotes from popular romantic movies and give the guests a pen. The goal is to guess the right answer before the clock runs out. The winning team is the one who has the most correct answers.

Mad Libs

If you’re hosting a bridal shower, you might want to consider bridal shower activities such as Mad Libs. This game involves filling in word blanks in a story. You can use any kind of word, from nouns to colors and adjectives. The words can be funny, serious, or even witty.

You can also play the game with guests. You can print out a page that contains directions for coming up with random words, and another one with blanks for stories. Have your guests fill in the first page, and read aloud what they write. This will help everyone feel closer to the bride and groom.

To make this game a successful bridal shower activity, you’ll need someone to oversee the instructions and keep time. This party game is a perfect way to entertain a large crowd or a small group. You’ll want to set the game up so that people can play in pairs. They’ll need to fill in the materials, and then one player will ask them to write a story using the parts of speech they chose. The result will be a funny story!

Another great activity to include at a bridal shower is a game of Mad Libs. This card game is fun to play with friends and family and is perfect for ice-breaking games. It can also be a good way to ask guests to write a note or RSVP. Guests can even use the cards as thank you notes and guest book cards.

Date night

One of the most fun bridal shower activities is date night. Instead of shower gifts, guests can contribute ideas for date nights. They can add photos, memories, or advice. The book can be presented to the bride after the party. It can be personalized to reflect the couple’s relationship. Date nights are a great way to celebrate the upcoming marriage and start a new chapter of life together.

A fun date night idea is to go out to the theater with the newlyweds. You don’t have to take them to Broadway, but they will love to see their favorite team play. A few gifts for them could include tickets to their favorite movie theater or movie-theater-style popcorn. Or you can include some of their favorite candies or a warm blanket.

Another fun bridal shower game involves creating a date-night book. You can get a copy from a dollar store or even make it yourself. You can even customize the game with the date of the wedding for the bride-to-be. It will be an incredibly fun activity for the guests and the bride-to-be.

A date-night jar activity is another fun option. This not only serves as a fun activity for guests, but also gives the bride-to-be a priceless gift. Just make sure to have plenty of popsicle sticks on hand for guests to write down their favorite date-night ideas.

Another great date idea is to cook together and eat together. This is a fun way to spend quality time together while bonding with your partner. You can even cook a delicious meal together, and be sure to wash up afterwards. A couple could also take a cooking class together. This way, they can learn a new skill together, which could be useful after the wedding planning is over.

Movie marathon party

If the bride loves watching movies, consider hosting a movie marathon party at the bridal shower. This idea will not only allow you to show the bride’s favorite movies, but it will also allow the bride and her bridesmaids to spend time together. Guests can bring blankets and pillows to lie on, and snacks and drinks can be served throughout the movie. Just remember to choose a varied selection of movies. It is not appropriate to show a tearjerker to the bride-to-be, and the party should be about fun and entertainment.

In addition to choosing your favorite films, you may want to play some games. A popular game that keeps your guests engaged is a game of “rom-com bingo.” Each person in the group is given a card with a line that reveals something about the bride-to-be.

You can also hold an emoji game. This game can be easy or complicated depending on how many guests attend. The guests write down emojis to describe the items in the bride’s bag. If they guess the items correctly, they receive a point for their guess. The winner receives a prize.

Another fun activity for a bridal shower is a movie marathon. If the bride is a fan of the series, it can be a great way to bond with your guests. You can also choose a theme that reflects her interests. For instance, a bride who loves “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” might be thrilled by this theme.

Another fun game to play at a bridal shower is the Over or Under game. Play this game with pretty card stock and glitter pens. Invite the guests to answer 15 questions about the couple, and they will have to decide which one they think is the best. The winner wins a prize, which can be used as a memento for the bride-to-be.

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