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bridal shower games

If you are planning a bridal shower, one of the best bridal shower games is Pictionary. This game is great for a large group of guests, and can be played at any age. You can also play Word scramble, Guessing, and Charades. If you are planning a small shower, consider using a smaller board game.

Pictionary is a fun bridal shower game

Pictionary is a fun bridal shower activity for guests to play. The game is simple and requires no advanced planning. It can be played with any number of people and is a great way to celebrate the coming of age of the bride-to-be. A few variations include allowing guests to be blindfolded or alternating teams so they can play the game in teams.

Another fun game for a bridal shower is pin the bride’s veil on the bride, which is actually harder than it sounds! You can also play Pictionary with your guests by creating a themed version of the game. For example, you could give each person a name of a celebrity to ‘pin on the bride’.

You can also play wedding charades after the wedding party, if you prefer to play it without alcohol. You can have different teams and give prizes for different clues. This game is ideal for a bridal shower where the bride wants to test guests’ knowledge about her.

Another fun bridal shower game is Pictionary, where guests must guess the names of the groom. The bride should have a personal knowledge of the important dates in her life. Write down these dates on cards, and then divide the guests into two teams. As each team plays, guests must act out a scene from the movie they are acting out. In the end, the team with the highest number of correct pairings wins.

Bridal shower games can be tricky to plan. Fortunately, Pictionary is a simple game that everyone can play. This game will make for a memorable event for all the attendees. It also gives the bridal couple an opportunity to open gifts from their registry.

Guessing game

A Guessing game for bridal shower can be a fun way to get people mingling with each other. It also helps them get to know the bride and groom better. You can have guests place photos of the two of them at various ages on a board and ask them to guess the age of the bride and groom by looking at the pictures. The first team to guess 10 or more correctly wins! While some of the suggestions may be outrageous, they will be a fun and easy way to get people mingling.

Using pictures of the bride and groom is a fun game for a bridal shower. Invite guests to guess where the bride and groom are in photos and put them in a slide show. Another game is to have guests guess a famous person by placing his/her name on their forehead. It will be hilarious and exciting for everyone!

Another great guessing game for a bridal shower is to have the bride walk around the room with a tray filled with different things related to her wedding. The guests can then write down the answers to the questions and try to memorize the answers. The bride and groom can also participate in the game.

A traditional bingo game can also be played at a bridal shower. Just like traditional bingo, this game can be played at any party, including an office or a brunch. You don’t need too many items to play. You can use square cards that have a heart in the middle and ask guests to mark the gifts on their cards. The player with five correct guesses in a row wins a prize. There are also prizes for second and third place winners, so everyone will have a chance to win something.

Word scramble

There are two ways to play word scramble bridal shower games. The first is to let guests play at their own pace. The other is to play with a pen and a timer. The person who has the most correct answers wins. The first way is a great filler game and you can use it to help pass the time at your bridal shower.

You can find a free bridal shower word scramble game online. It can be easily customized for your bridal shower. This printable bridal shower word scramble game has 25 cards that are easy to write on and come in different sizes. The cards feature a beautiful blush green flower theme and an answer key.

This Mad Libs-style game is sure to be hilarious! Each guest tries to come up with a story about the bride and groom. The one who comes up with the funniest story is the winner. To make this game look elegant, you can download a word scramble template that has a floral design. This word scramble game can be customized with the bride-to-be’s name and date of the wedding.

Word scramble bridal shower games can be a lot of fun, especially for the women in the room! These games allow guests to try their memory by writing down wedding-themed words and attempting to unscramble them as fast as possible. There are usually prizes given to the guests who unscramble the most words.

A word scramble bridal shower game is a great way to get your guests involved. It’s easy to make and inexpensive to prepare. And it doubles as a gift! The bride-to-be can also receive these games as gifts.


One great way to entertain guests at your bridal shower is to play the classic charades game. This game requires the guests to take a card and act out a phrase or word. They can compete individually or as teams. The team that gets the most points wins. For a fun twist on the classic game, print out a printable bridal shower charades card set and include a bowl of clues.

For this game, the bride answers the questions and the guests have to fill out a card with the answers. The winner of the game is the one who has the most correct pairings. You can also have the bride and groom answer questions prior to the shower. For this game, you will need a color printer and pens.

Another fun bridal shower charades game is the wedding movie charades. Guests will be split up into teams. Each team gets a wedding movie. The goal is to get their teammates to guess the title without using words. Some guests will act out the words of the movie title, while others will act out scenes from the movie. This will keep the guests guessing and having a good time.

The game can be customized to fit the theme of the party. The bridal shower game can be customized with common or unusual items that can be found in a guest bag. Some games feature racier items. For example, one type might be a red lipstick or a fast food receipt. A different variation could include plastic rings. For the bridal shower, the bride could even put plastic rings on the guests’ fingers and ask them to guess the items.

Another popular bridal shower game is Scattegories. The bride’s name is written on a large index card and each guest has two minutes to come up with an item in each category. The item must begin with her initials. For example, the bride’s name is Jane Sally Pugh. Therefore, the guests can guess cities beginning with ‘J’. The correct answers are scored and the winner receives a prize.

Wedding guessing game

A wedding guessing game can be a fun way to break the ice at a bridal shower. You can create teams of guests and give them two minutes to come up with words or phrases that have something to do with the bride-to-be. Each team will have a different task.

To make this fun, you can ask guests to answer questions about the bride and her fiance. The questions should be about the couple and their love story. For example, you could make a list of questions asking guests to guess how many things the bride said about her future husband-to-be. Then, the guests can fill out cards with their guesses. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins a prize.

Another way to make the guessing game more fun is to create a picture board where the guests can see the bride and groom at different ages. You can also tape photos of the bride and groom on the board. The guests can then guess which photo is which. If they get it wrong, they can try again until they find the right one.

Another fun way to play a wedding guessing game for bridal showers is to create a slideshow of the bride and groom’s wedding pictures. If you have the photos, you can also put them into the slide show so guests can guess where they were when they got married. Another fun way to play a wedding guess game is to put the name of a famous person on a guest’s forehead and see who guessed the correct answer.

If you don’t want to make it too complicated, you can use a wedding Mad Libs game for the guests. You can create a story for the guests to fill in. Then, the to-be-weds read their story to the crowd. The bride can even edit the text or change the font or color of the answers.

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