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Bridal Shower Traditions For Men



bridal shower traditions

When organizing a bridal shower for a loved one, consider incorporating traditional bridal shower elements. Commonly, these conventions include creating a bouquet made of ribbons or other ribbon-adorned artifacts, as well as extending invitations to male guests. Sharing the couple’s registry information on the shower invitations is a fantastic way to include men in the festivities. It is advised to avoid giving cash or gift cards as gifts at the bridal shower.

Creating a ribbon bouquet

Creating a ribbon bouquet is an easy way to add flair to your bridal shower decorations. You can use different colors of ribbon for your bouquet. Adding a little flair to your bridal shower decorations will make them more memorable. You can even reuse the bouquet for the rehearsal dinner.

The bride-to-be should create a wedding registry so that guests can give her gifts. You can have one of the members of her bridal party collect all of the ribbons that come from these gifts to create a decorative bouquet. This bouquet will be a great keepsake of the event, as the bride can use it at her wedding rehearsal.

The bride can practice walking down the aisle by wearing the bouquet made by the guests. To make the bouquet, push a ribbon through a hole in the center of a paper plate. The ribbon will hang down the plate, leaving a large bow at the top. During the rehearsal, the bride can use the ribbon plate as a practice bouquet. Before the wedding, the bride opens the first gift for luck.

A ribbon bouquet can be a fun, inexpensive alternative to a traditional bouquet. This keepsake is easy to make, and the bride will love it during the rehearsal dinner. Ribbon bouquets can also be used as centerpieces for rehearsal dinners. The supplies for a ribbon bouquet include a paper plate, ribbons, scissors, glue tabs, napkins, and floral tape or wire.

Guests at a bridal shower typically bring gifts to the bride-to-be. Traditionally, these gifts should be opened in front of the bride, surrounded by all her guests. The hostess can set up a place for guests to place their gifts, and then keep a record of who received what.

Including men in the bridal shower

Whether you are planning a shower for a close friend or the bride-to-be, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that men are included. First of all, you want men to feel comfortable and welcome. Usually, a bridal shower is overwhelmingly feminine, so it’s important that men feel comfortable being present. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.

The guest list for a bridal shower should be small and intimate. It should include the bride-to-be, her bridesmaids, and close friends. Although traditionally a women-only event, more men are attending this event as well. When sending out invitations, make sure to state whether the event is women-only or co-ed. You should also include RSVP information, so that guests can make sure they can attend.

The tradition of throwing a bridal shower has many origins. It was originally an event to give a bride something to take into her marriage and was a way to raise a bride’s dowry. During those days, the bride’s family had little money to spare for a dowry, so her friends and relatives would gather together to provide her with gifts that would make her life easier.

If the groom enjoys cooking, you could ask the guests to bring cooking equipment for the groom’s shower. You can even get the guests to donate cookbooks. You could even create a themed bridal shower for the men and have a barbeque in the backyard. This way, everyone can bring food and drink.

The wedding shower is traditionally planned by the maid of honor, but it’s not uncommon for the groom or another male relative to participate. If you have a large guest list, you’ll probably need to include a second bridal party, which is often a good idea. It gives everyone involved a voice.

Providing the couple’s registry information on invitations

Providing the couple’s registry information on your bridal shower invitations is a subtle way to let guests know what to expect at the shower. It gives your guests more sources to find out about the party and can help them plan better. Also, include the registry URL, if applicable, and list the stores listed on the registry. There are some rules about combining these types of invitations.

The best place to include the couple’s registry information on your bridal shower invitations is the information insert. You should include the name of the guest of honor and RSVP information on your invitation. You can also include information about their registry on their personal wedding website, which you can include in invitations or announcement cards.

Aside from mentioning the registry information on your bridal shower invitations, it’s a good idea to include a link to the couple’s wedding registry on the invitation itself. This will make it easy for guests to make a gift for the newlyweds. The registry link will also give guests easy access to the couple’s registry.

It’s considered gauche to include the registry information on wedding invitations, but it’s a good idea for bridal shower invitations. It’s also a good idea to include the couple’s wedding website. While this isn’t necessary, it helps people know what to buy for the bride.

Traditionally, the bride’s maid of honor will host the bridal shower. However, other family members can step up and host. The guest of honor’s name and relationship should be on the invitation.

Avoiding giving cash or gift cards at a bridal shower

Avoiding giving cash or gift cards at t a bridal shower can be tricky. This event is attended by a variety of friends and family members, so you’ll have to use your discretion in what you give. Depending on the bride’s budget, you may be able to afford to spend a bit more on her shower gift, but if you want to show that you care about her, it would be more appropriate to give a gift that the bride can use for many years to come.

When it comes to giving cash or gift cards, don’t forget that cash is usually the best gift of all. You can make a money tree with ribbons and pins and place it next to the gift table. You’ll want people to find it easily!

Another option is a cash registry. This type of registry has become increasingly popular for new couples in the past decade. HoneyFund, Traveler’s Joy, and Zola are three popular options for cash-registries. Many of these services also have additional registry features.

If you’re planning to give a gift off the registry, try to bring it to the bridal shower with you. Depending on the type of wedding shower, the couple may not want to open the gifts in front of the guests. Some couples may want to wrap their gifts themselves, or they may ask you to use clear gift wrap. If you’re not able to attend the shower, you can ship the gift to the couple.

Don’t forget that the bridal shower gift must be a meaningful one. Keep in mind that the value of the gift should be about equal to that of a tangible present. It’s best to stick to $50-75 for bridal shower gifts. Ideally, choose a gift that both lovebirds can use and enjoy.

Planning a co-ed bridal shower

If you are hosting a co-ed bridal shower, it’s important to consider the type of guest list. You’ll want to invite people the bride and groom know, as well as people who won’t offend anyone. A co-ed shower can be a fun and creative way to celebrate the bride’s forthcoming nuptials, and there are a variety of ways to make it fun.

One of the best ways to make the shower memorable is to plan a theme. A theme can range from a simple graphic to an elaborate tea party. It could also be a holiday theme, gift-giving-themed, or wedding-themed. Whatever you choose, just make sure you plan a few activities for the women of the bridal party.

A co-ed bridal shower is also a great way to include people who are not invited to the wedding. For example, your coworkers might be happy to celebrate the bride-to-be’s impending union. You could even invite a few male friends as well, if you’re hosting one. In either case, you’ll want to have plenty of food and drinks for the guests. Remember, though, that having co-ed showers may require a larger venue than a traditional bridal shower.

Another fun option for a co-ed bridal shower is to host it at a local pool. This way, the guests can swim and sip signature drinks. If you have a pool, it’s also a good idea to include some swimsuits or other water-related gifts. You can also have a brunch instead of a sit-down brunch, so you can enjoy waffles, frittatas, or a Bloody Mary bar.

You can also include some games. The traditional “I love you” game is a good idea, but you can get creative too. You can organize a scavenger hunt or set up some creative fashion shows, or even play karaoke games with the bride and groom. Be sure to have a prize for the winner.

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Bridal Shower Signs




bridal shower signs

A wedding shower is a delightful gathering where participants revel in celebration with gifts and fun games. An amusing game involves estimating the quantity of chocolate kisses contained in a jar. This festive game is available in three distinct designs and a variety of sizes. Decorated with pink watercolor flowers and green foliage, it makes for a perfect present for the bride-to-be or her family and friends.

Customized chalkboard sign

A custom bridal shower sign is a perfect way to commemorate the big day. These signs come in many sizes and shapes to suit your needs. They are great for home and party decor, and are also a great choice for photo booth messages. You can also add a special message for the bride-to-be.

To create the sign, you’ll need liquid chalk markers, available at most hardware and craft stores. After writing the words on the sign, simply wipe away the excess chalk with a clean cloth to avoid leaving any traces. Alternatively, you can print out wedding stencils or fonts and use these as a visual reference. If you don’t have chalk markers, you can also use wet Q-tips to polish the old-school look of the sign.

A customized chalkboard sign is a unique way to commemorate the bridal shower. Choose any color you’d like to have printed on the sign. Custom party signs are an excellent choice for food stations, dessert tables, guestbook displays, favor tables, and walls. Because they are customized, the colors you see on the signs may not match the actual colors of the paper.

Choose a color scheme that complements the bride’s dress. If the shower is a romantic setting, you might want to choose a sign that looks like a forest. A rustic wood-motif directional sign can guide guests to the shower. You could also use this sign to mark the location of the bridal shower mimosa bar. Another fun option is a photo backdrop with a flower wreath motif.

Acrylic bubbles bar table sign

A bridal shower is a great way to celebrate a couple’s upcoming nuptials. An acrylic bubbles bar table sign will make the party feel even more fun. The bride-to-be will have a blast drinking champagne with her friends and family on her special day!

A mimosa bar is another great way to create a fun atmosphere for the bridal shower. Make sure you have the proper serving methods and you will be able to keep guests happy with your bubbly. Make sure you have plenty of serving utensils for the guests. Then, set up a mimosa bar that is stocked with delicious fruit juices and sparkling beverages.

Vintage teapot

Vintage teapot bridal shower signs are a great way to announce your bridal shower. You can find a vintage teapot in just about any shop, and you can get personalized ones for the shower or as favors. You can get a variety of designs or even photos printed on the labels. Personalized tea favor tags are also a nice touch for the favors. You can use the signs to direct guests to the tea table.

You can also use vintage teapots as a centerpiece. These are great for a formal tea party, or you can even give them as gifts to the bride-to-be. You can find a variety of teapots, from old vases to modern ones, and choose from teacups or signs in pastel shades. The best part is that these signs can be personalized for a cheap price.

If you’d like to incorporate a rustic theme into the shower, you can create a wedding shower banner made of kraft or cardstock. You can also add a cute rustic theme to the decorations by using palm leaf tableware. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. This theme can even be played up with other details like the table cloth.

While thrift store teapots aren’t the most appealing options, you can easily customize them with paint to make them more appealing. Some craft bloggers recommend using Krylon brand spray paint to make them look uniform. They can also be used as bridal shower favors. Just make sure you keep in mind that they are not the prettiest options.

Floating confetti push-pops

Confetti poppers make a festive addition to a bridal shower. They are available in different colors and can be used as party favors or table decor. Be sure to separate the different kinds of confetti into separate bowls. Then, fill each container with different colors of confetti.

These confetti push-pops come in assorted colors and sizes. They make a great entrance or farewell. After popping the confetti, you can use the container to make a tasty push-pop dessert. If the bridal shower is outside, confetti streamer cannons are perfect. The best part is that they can be easily swept up.

A balloon cannon can also be used as a confetti push-pop at a bridal shower. The confetti will float around and will look great in photos. If the shower is at a pool, a giant engagement ring float is also a fun decoration. If the bridal shower is inside, you may want to use a banner. A glittering gold banner with a diamond ring motif will make a nice direction for guests.

A wedding shower can be more fun when you add more decorations. For instance, a starry shower theme can look lovely with star-shaped decorations. You can even create custom napkins that have a message of your choice printed on them. If you want to save money, you can order bulk candy from online distributors. For an extra special touch, consider a bridal shower sign featuring the bride’s last name.

Garden-inspired napkins

To create a romantic setting for a garden-themed bridal shower, use floral-inspired paper napkins. These are available in a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors. You can even personalize them with text! These paper napkins are also a great choice if you’re going for a vintage theme.

Whether you’re throwing a casual garden shower or a glam affair, garden-themed showers are the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be and the spring season. If you want to make it extra special, consider hosting an outdoor garden shower. A garden-themed bridal shower can be reminiscent of an outdoor picnic, and you can replicate the look in a nearby park or backyard.

In addition to the party signs, you can use paper party napkins to dress up the table settings. Whether they’re used as place cards or as party decorations, these paper party napkins add charm to any table setting. Make sure to match them with solid purple dinner napkins to create a stunning look.

If you’re throwing a bridal shower for a friend or family member, use garden-inspired napkins to decorate the tables. Use different color combinations to create a festive and bohemian theme. Incorporate a little bit of white for a more serene effect. You can also use a color scheme of red and white. You can even use red chairs and burgundy giveaway boxes to complement the theme. In either case, you can use soft shades with bright highlights to set a fun tone. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, try using a vintage garden theme.

Using flowers for your shower decorations is a timeless way to make a bridal shower special. The colors of flowers can be incorporated into the decor to make the event even more elegant. You can choose to use flowers that are in bloom or make your own centerpieces. If you want to make a more unique statement, you can use giant paper flowers. These can range from three to seven feet high. You can use them as centerpieces, dessert table centerpieces, or photo booth backdrops. You can even wrap them up as party favors.

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Bridal Shower Scattergories




Bridal Shower Scattergories delivers a fun-filled party activity where quick wit is key to winning. This game includes 12 categories and can be played over three to four rounds. Purchasers will receive a printed version of the game. It is highlighted as one of the seven party games in its collection. Full instructions and guidelines for playing are included.

Variations of bridal scattergories

The game of bridal shower scattergories is a fun way to engage your guests. It can be played with random letters, alphabet dice, or an online random generator. The bride-to-be can even play the game herself. The purpose of the game is to give each guest an opportunity to get to know one another better.

A fun variation on this popular game is to personalize the game by printing out individual sheets with the initials of the bride and groom. Then, have each guest answer questions pertaining to the bride and groom using their initials. This game rewards originality and also goes well with drinks.

Another fun bridal shower activity is the Over or Under game. To play this game, you’ll need game cards for each player. You’ll also need prizes and a pen or pencil. Each card contains fifteen questions about the bride and groom. The person who gets the most correct answers wins a prize!

Another popular game at a bridal shower is bridal shower bingo. For this game, you’ll need to divide guests into teams. Next, set up a mason jar with empty containers filled with rice or other items that are important to the bride. The bride can also play the Guess the Price game. It’s similar to the popular game show The Price is Right but is perfect for a shower after the baby arrives.

Besides giving gifts on the registry, you can also give gifts that are not on the registry. For these types of showers, Cosmo has a list of great gifts that don’t fall under the registry category. They’re also creative and fun. This list of gifts can inspire you to come up with your own unique ideas for your shower.

Rules of the game

Bridal shower scattergories are games that challenge guests to name things that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. The goal is to have unique answers for each category. You can customize the categories to include the bride’s initial, the bride and groom’s initial, or even the word LOVE.

You can play the bridal shower scattergories with random letters or alphabet dice, or you can use an online random generator. Regardless of how you play, the bridal shower scattergories are an excellent way to start an ice-breaker and create fun competition between your guests. You can also play in teams to encourage teamwork and make the event more fun.

One idea is to choose 10 different recipes and leave out one ingredient for each. Make sure to supply guests with the recipes and have them write their names next to the missing ingredient. The guest with the most correct answers wins! If you’re concerned about the content of the games, you can also make them a drinking game.

For a more romantic vibe, use famous couples for the game. Some famous couples include Bonnie & Clyde and Tarzan. These famous couples are sure to bring a smile to the bride’s face. They may also be a great inspiration for creating the bridal shower scattergories.

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, try a “Put a Ring on It” game. This game is similar to the classic “collecting clothespins” game, but instead of stacking them, players have to place wedding-related items in the order they appear. You can create two versions of the game, one for each size. The 5×7 version can be printed out just like a normal photo, and the 8×10 version will print out onto a letter-sized sheet of cardstock. This game will help guests network with each other, and you can also include information on rings and weddings.

You can also play the game of bingo. This game has two versions: for a girl baby shower and one for a boy baby shower. Each guest must guess the number of items on each card, and whoever guesses the most correctly gets a prize. This game is a fun way to make the guests participate in the bridal shower festivities.

Favors you can give the bride

If you’re planning a bridal shower, you can give the bride some thoughtful gifts to show her how much you care about her. For example, you could give her a heart-shaped wine stopper. They are cute and functional, and they’re inexpensive, too! Wine stoppers can be customized to feature the date and name of the wedding and the couple. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated gift, consider giving her some edible 24K gold leaf lollipop favors. These are available in bulk on Amazon and can be personalized for under $3 per piece.

Another inexpensive bridal shower favor is a face roller, which many women will appreciate. A rose quartz face roller is beautiful and promotes feelings of love. These can be purchased in different colors, and they come in a handy mini case, which is perfect for travel. Another great choice is a picture frame. These are useful for the bride and guests alike, and you can even use them as place cards.

When shopping for favors, remember that the bride might be traveling with her guests. For this reason, she’d probably appreciate small, edible favors that she can easily pack in her luggage. Also, consider the guest list. Showers with a large guest list can get expensive, so consider holding a shower with a smaller guest list. If you’re throwing a small shower, you can afford to spend a little more money on favors, if necessary.

Personalized favors are another great option. The bride can choose favors that reflect her personality and style. While bridal shower favors aren’t mandatory, they’re a nice thank-you gesture for those who attended. For example, a personalized mini bottle of her favorite rose is a nice idea. Or, she can give her guests a scented candle.

Another thoughtful favor is a mini jam. These jams come in four classic flavors, including strawberry, wild Maine blueberry, and sour cherry.

Activities you can do at a bridal shower

Bridal shower scattergories can be a competitive and fun way to celebrate the bridal shower. The guests can play individually or in teams. If the shower is for a large group, it may be best to divide the group into teams to minimize the amount of materials needed. It will also give everyone a chance to contribute to the event, which reduces the amount of stress placed on the game facilitator.

This game is a great icebreaker activity for your bridal shower. You can print free game cards, and then ask guests to come up with creative answers for a series of questions. Guests can use the letters on the cards to create sweet or funny answers. This activity is fun for small groups and will keep the group laughing while the bride gets some fun shower gifts!

One of the easiest bridal shower games to set up is Scattergories. This game requires quick thinking and skill to win. The game includes 12 categories, and each category has three or four rounds. You can create the game on your own or buy a kit. If you purchase the game, you will receive printable game sheets for your guests to play at the shower.

Bridal showers are fun and festive affairs. Try some of the following activities to break the ice and pass the time between gift openings. This way, guests can spend quality time together while enjoying the shower’s festivities. It is also a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be. The activities can range from simple to complex. However, whatever you decide to do at the bridal shower, make sure to pay tribute to the bride and her new life.

Bridal shower guests can play a fun game called the candy fruit ring game. They must try to get as many rings from the container as possible in two minutes. The winner is the guest with the most rings.

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Bridal Shower Prizes – Inexpensive Yet Memorable




bridal shower prizes

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on bridal shower gifts. Think about offering a distinctive prize such as a personalized bridal shower t-shirt that includes the bride’s name and the shower date embroidered on it, maybe even with an insiders’ joke for an extra laugh. These gifts truly stand out for their originality while also being quite affordable for attendees. Keep reading for more inventive ideas for shower prize giveaways. Further down, you’ll discover a variety of ideas for shower gifts that are memorable yet easy on the wallet.

Spa-inspired bridal shower prizes

For bridal shower prizes, consider using items that evoke a spa experience. A bridal shower prize basket can be filled with bath bombs, scented candles, and more. Not only are these gifts luxurious, they can also be very useful to the bride-to-be. In addition to giving spa gifts, bridal shower prizes can also include spa-themed party favors.

Spa-inspired bridal showers are a wonderful option for a shower because they can be a great time for men and women alike. Choose relaxing colors and decorations, and you can even offer mini massages for your guests. You can also offer gifts that incorporate nautical elements such as seashells, starfish, and canoes. Even small decor details can make a huge difference when it comes to creating the perfect bridal shower theme.

A bridal spa party can be very expensive, but some spas offer packages that include services such as massages, facials, and even yoga. Some of these places require a reservation, so you’ll want to book a room as far in advance as possible. Make sure to send out invitations 10 to fifteen days before the shower so you can be sure that everyone will be able to make it.

If you want to get creative with your bridal shower prizes, you can make spa-themed favors yourself. If you don’t have the time to make them, look for ideas on Pinterest and Youtube. Many of them can be made for very little money, and the best part is, they’re fun and unique!


One of the best gifts for a bridal shower is a book. Whether the bride is planning to take a deep dive into the universal truths of love or is more of a family-oriented bride, a book will be a great choice for the gift. Books can be personalized to reflect the couple’s personalities.

You can create bridal shower games by using items from your home. If the bride is a bookworm, you could create a bridal shower book pass game. Guests read the book at the shower, and they can pass it to each other according to instructions on the inside. The winner then receives a centerpiece or prize. Make the instructions unique to the bride and groom. For example, you could have the names and wedding date of the bride and groom on the front cover and inside pages, or make her favorite book.

Another fun bridal shower gift is a personalized world map. These come with 500 push pins and can be personalized with the couple’s names and anniversaries. It’s a perfect way to celebrate a milestone event. The bride will love this personalized gift. In addition to personalized maps, a world map can be personalized with a name, a special date, or sweet messages.

Wine is a classic party prize, but a bottle of wine is an equally great choice for a bridal shower game prize. As a bonus, wine is also an excellent choice for bridal shower games, and books are the perfect gift to give away to the bride-to-be.


Adding a romantic touch to your bridal shower favors is simple with candles. This timeless and elegant favor is the perfect size for each guest and has the added benefit of being both decorative and scented. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Candles as bridal shower prizes make an ideal bridal shower gift and can be customized to fit your wedding style. If you’re having an eco-friendly wedding, you can choose a votive candle for your favors. Votive candles help you reflect on your special day and are a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests.

For a more eco-friendly wedding shower favor, consider candles as bridal shower prizes. Eco-friendly candles use hand-rolled pure beeswax sheets and cotton wicks, and emit negative ions as they burn. These ions help purify the air, attaching to positively charged particles and clearing up pollutants.

You can also consider using a travel tin of candles to give away at your bridal shower. These candles are available in a variety of fragrances. A calla lily candle, for instance, is a popular choice. It comes in a beautiful acetate box with a matching thank-you tag. These candles are also eco-friendly and cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for bridal shower prizes.

As for bridal shower prizes, they are not a requirement but make for a lovely thank-you for each guest. A personalized mini bottle of your favorite rose or a scented candle are ideal favors. These gifts can be used throughout the event by the bride-to-be and guests, so it’s a win-win situation.


Succulents are a beautiful way to give wedding favors. A mini succulent crate is a fun wedding favor. Decorate it with your wedding details and include a magnet. You can even have the bridesmaids plant a succulent in the crate before the big day. The bridesmaids can also bring a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with you! Succulent soap favors are also practical and environmentally friendly.

Another great option for succulent-themed favors is succulent pots. They’re eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. You can also fill your succulent pot with soil and use decorative stickers to personalize it. You can also opt for burlap-wrapped succulents for a more expensive favor option.

Inexpensive succulent plant kits are also a good idea. They’re easy to care for and last for a long time. You can purchase kits from different suppliers. These packages include a plant, succulent soil, and wooden planters. These can also double as place settings at the shower. Another inexpensive option is a magnetic bouquet with names printed on it. There are seven different colors to choose from and you can even purchase a mixed option.

Another way to give succulent planter prizes is by creating a DIY project. These gifts are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and meaningful. They’re also practical and useful for your guests.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are a unique, fun way to pamper yourself and are the perfect bridal shower prize. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be made with various ingredients. Some are made from baking soda and essential oils, while others contain more complex blends of ingredients that soothe the skin. If you’re planning to give out bath bombs as prizes, here are a few ideas to make them a unique prize:

Bath bombs are available in a wide range of colors, and you can even choose a unique scent for each one. You can even purchase heart-shaped bath bombs topped with real rose petals. You can even add custom wording to the packaging. If you’d prefer to give the shower prizes as edible gifts, give the bride and groom macarons as prizes. These treats are incredibly decadent, so be sure to choose a design that reflects the wedding theme.

Bath bombs are a great bridal shower prize because they can enhance an activity that’s already relaxing. And they’re a great value – bath bombs can be as small as six dollars a piece and cost only about six dollars a pop. They’re inexpensive, so you can even give them as shower favors.

Another popular bridal shower prize is a gift card. A gift card lets the recipient choose what they want. A gift card can be used to purchase a new outfit or even a day at the spa. Gift cards can also be purchased in many denominations, which takes the guesswork out of choosing a prize.

Nail polish

Nail polish can be a beautiful bridal shower prize. A set of three neutral shades of nail polish is a lovely present for the lucky winner. Another gift idea is to give the winner an Origins facial mask. This gift is sure to please everyone at the bridal shower! Nail polish is also a great way to treat yourself and your guests!

You can also purchase a manicure in a jar as a prize for the bridal shower. These are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors. These are also perfect prizes for shower games. They can also be customized to match the bridal shower’s theme. And, you can get a nice gift box and set them out on the tables.

For a more unique bridal shower prize, consider giving guests travel sized bottles of wine, shower gel, and nail polish. You can also give them free printable tags so they can take the goodies home with them. Or you could also make a DIY bridal shower basket for the guests to take home!

Another gift idea is a pampering hand balm, which is made with plant-based ingredients. This product has a nice scent and leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth. You can buy a jar of the product, or make your own using the ingredients in your own kitchen.

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