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December Wedding Colors And Combinations




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Welcome to the wonderful world of December wedding colors! As a wedding color expert, I’m thrilled you’ve decided to embark on this exciting journey with me.

In this article, we’ll explore some stunning December wedding color combinations that are sure to make your special day unforgettable. We’ll also consider how to craft an elegant palette and inject personality into your ceremony so it’s truly unique and memorable.

My goal is to provide you with tips and guidance for choosing the perfect December wedding colors – ensuring they capture the spirit of the season while reflecting your vision and style. By the end of our time together, you’ll be ready to select stunning hues that will bring your dream day to life. Let’s get started!

Whole Year Wedding Colors And Combinations

Color Themes

Choosing the right color theme for a December wedding can be challenging. The winter season offers many festive and romantic color themes that make great choices when planning your special day. Depending on the look you’re going for, there are traditional, modern and even seasonal colors to choose from.

For those looking for classic elegance in their décor, traditional winter tones like deep reds and greens work well together or with navy blue accents. For couples who prefer a more contemporary feel, silver and white is a popular choice that looks beautiful against twinkling lights during receptions. Alternatively, muted pastels are also an excellent option for creating a soft yet inviting atmosphere.

No matter what look you have in mind, it’s important to find the perfect shade of each hue to fit your unique vision. To help achieve this, let’s take a closer look at how to select complementary shades…

Choosing The Right Shade

Choosing the right shade for your December wedding can be a daunting task. With so many color options to choose from, it is important to find the perfect combination that will create a beautiful atmosphere and compliment the season’s unique aesthetic. Here are some great suggestions to help you make the best decision:
Light pink is an excellent choice for creating a romantic feel in your December wedding. Its soft hue balances nicely with deep purple or vibrant blue hues and looks especially stunning when paired with bright silver accents like sequins and glittering fabrics. If you are looking for something more traditional, rich green shades pair beautifully with warm tones such as ivory and light yellow, evoking a classic Christmas palette. Whatever colors you decide on, ensuring they complement each other is key to achieving an aesthetically pleasing look.

When selecting colors for your December wedding, one of the most important considerations should be how well they blend together – both in terms of style and tone. Taking into account texture, pattern and lighting will play an integral role in helping you achieve this balance. Incorporating elements like ribbons, florals and candles can also add depth and bring everything together seamlessly. By carefully considering all these factors before making any final decisions about which shades to use, you’ll ensure that your special day looks exactly as you envisioned it!
Color scheme ideas come in all shapes and sizes – next section will explore creative ways to combine various shades into eye-catching combinations!

Color Scheme Ideas

Let your imagination run wild as you consider the possibilities for a December wedding color scheme! Picture pastel shades of blue and blush pink blended with subtle golden yellow accents and hints of olive green. This combination evokes a classic, romantic vibe that is perfect for this time of year. Navy blue can also be used to add some depth and contrast while still remaining elegant.

To create an eye-catching palette, think about how each shade will complement one another when combined. A mix of soft colors in different hues creates visual interest without overpowering the overall look. Consider incorporating metallics like gold or silver for even more sparkle during the festivities. If you prefer something bolder, try adding rich jewel tones such as ruby red or emerald green to give your wedding day a luxurious feel.

Whatever colors you decide on, make sure they reflect both the season and the personalities of the bride and groom. By carefully selecting complementary shades, you’ll have no problem creating a stunning décor that will wow your guests all night long! Transitioning into tips for selecting colors, remember these guidelines when making your decision…

Tips For Selecting Colors

When it comes to picking wedding colors, you want the perfect combination that will reflect your style and personality. As a wedding color strategist, here are my top tips for choosing the best winter wedding hues:

  1. Start by focusing on one or two main colors – too many different shades can be overwhelming and detract from the overall aesthetic of your big day!
  2. Think about what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create – do you want something warm and romantic? Or maybe elegant and modern? Your color choices should help set the tone for your event.
  3. Don’t forget to consider seasonal trends – when selecting December wedding colors, take into account current fashion trends as well as traditional holiday favorites such as reds and greens.

Your wedding is unique and special, so make sure you choose colors that will bring out its beauty in every detail! Taking these tips into consideration can help ensure that your winter-inspired celebration looks stunning no matter what season it’s in. Now let’s dive deeper into how to work with shades of red and green…

Shades Of Red And Green

Reds and greens are a classic combination for December weddings. These festive hues create an atmosphere of warmth, joyousness, and holiday cheer to make the special day memorable. From deep crimsons to light emeralds, there is a wide range of shades available in these two colors that will make any wedding stand out. Whether looking for a red-green or green-red combination, couples have plenty of options when it comes to creating their ideal color scheme.

two women near christmas decorations
Photo by Anton Belitskiy on Pexels.com

When looking at shades of red, consider burgundy as a darker option and rose pink as something more subtle and romantic. Both offer depth to your color palette without becoming too overpowering. For those wanting something slightly more vibrant look into claret or scarlet – but be careful not to choose anything too bright which can become overwhelming quickly! When it comes to green tones, opt for mossy olive or sage green if you want something muted while still providing contrast against the reds; alternatively try hunter green or pine green for richer deeper tones that add drama and sophistication to the overall look.

For added texture and dimension combine various shades of both colors together – think cranberry with forest green or blush pink with minty blue – creating interesting patterns throughout your wedding decorations that draw people’s eyes away from the traditional Christmas theme towards something far more unique. With so many different combinations possible mixing up the reds and greens is sure to give you an unforgettable winter wedding celebration!

Shades Of Blue And White

When it comes to December wedding colors and combinations, shades of blue and white are a timeless classic. Not only do they evoke feelings of wintery wonderland magic but they also have the potential to be dressed up or down depending on the tone you’re looking for! Here is a table that showcases some great color pairings featuring shades of blue with sparkling silver and gold accents:

Navy & IvorySilver ShimmerChampagne GoldMedium GrayPale Yellow
Slate & WhitePewterRose GoldCharcoalMustard
Midnight & Cream

As you can see from the table above, there are many options when it comes to creating your perfect December color palette. You could go for an icy look by pairing navy blues with shimmering silvers or create something more elegant by combining slate grays with rose golds. Or if you prefer a softer hued atmosphere, pale yellows combined with midnight blues will give off an enchanted feel like no other. With so much variety, you can easily find the right combination to set the mood just right at your special event!

No matter what scheme you choose, adding hints of metallic accents will always ensure your guests leave feeling inspired! From subtle details like sequin linens or glittery candles to bold statements such as diamond encrusted centerpieces – let these precious metals bring out each shade in its best light while capturing every moment perfectly. Ultimately, whatever vision you have in mind for your celebration – shades of blue and white will never steer you wrong!

The beauty of purple and silver together makes them ideal for any occasion. Whether your style is vintage glamour or modern minimalism – this eye catching duo is sure to add sophistication into any space!

Shades Of Purple And Silver

Shades of purple and silver are a timeless combination for winter weddings. Lavender, amethyst, and mauve all make beautiful accents to any winter wedding palette. Purple-gray is also the perfect shade for adding subtle elegance to your event. Lilac is another excellent choice when creating an airy atmosphere during your special day.

When it comes to accessorizing with this color scheme, you have many options available. Silver can be used in table linens, flowers arrangements or even as part of your bridal party’s attire. It pairs perfectly with shades of purple, giving off a classic yet modern feel. On the other hand, if you prefer more muted colors, soft pastels like lavender or lilac will bring out the romanticism in any event space.

This gorgeous palette can also be used throughout different elements on your big day – from stationery and decorations to cake designs. Regardless of what items you choose to incorporate these colors into, guests will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness behind each detail! For those looking for some color combination inspiration, there are plenty of ideas online that showcase various ways to use these hues together at a winter wedding celebration.

Color Combination Inspiration

When it comes to creating the perfect color combination for your December wedding, there are many options. From classic winter palettes of navy and silver to bold hues of crimson and gold, you can find inspiration among seasonal decorations and traditional holiday colors. Here are some ideas for getting started with your own unique color combination:

Cool Color Combinations

  • Navy Blue & Snow White – This timeless combo will provide an elegant backdrop for all the special memories you’ll be making on your wedding day.
  • Silver & Ice Blue – A touch of icy sparkle complements this soothing mix of blues that’s sure to please any winter bride.
  • Burgundy & Baby Blue– If you’re looking for something a bit more daring, consider pairing these two unexpected shades together. The contrast between them makes for a truly eye-catching look!

Warm Color Combinations

  • Gold & Cranberry Red – Rich jewel tones make this combination perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at your celebration.
  • Emerald Green & Maroon – These deep, inviting colors evoke images of a festive Christmas feast, ensuring everyone feels welcome and merry at your reception.
  • Brown & Beige – Not quite as flashy as other combinations but still undeniably stylish, this blend provides just enough warmth without being overwhelming.

Whatever palette you choose, don’t forget to accessorize with coordinating flowers, table linens, and decorative accents to really bring out the beauty in each hue!

Accessorizing With Color

When it comes to accessorizing with color for a December wedding, you don’t have to be limited by the traditional holiday colors. With so many seasonal hues available, there are plenty of options when coordinating complementary or contrasting colors. To help create an elegant and timeless look, here is a table of some popular winter shades that can be used to match or contrast any wedding theme:

Winter Color Palette
Rose Quartz Navy Blue
Pale GrayMisty Rose
PlumSage Green

Start by selecting one main color as your base. Whether its something subtle like pale gray or something bolder like navy blue, this will be the foundation of your palette. From there you can mix in accent colors and use them on items like bridesmaid dresses, ties and pocket squares for groomsmen and reception decorations such as flowers and linens.

By choosing two tones from different sides of the color wheel—like rose quartz paired with teal—you’ll get a more vibrant combination that will make all your photos pop! For those looking for a softer look and feel, you could opt for shades within the same color family like plum and sage green which creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for celebrating love in the colder months.

No matter what route you take, accessorizing with colors during the holidays gives couples endless opportunities to express their style while still paying homage to the season itself. When combining colors thoughtfully, even simple elements can come together beautifully to create an unforgettable day that captures both festive cheer as well as personal flair.

Popular Winter Decoration Trends

Winter weddings are some of the most beautiful ceremonies and there’s no better way to bring out its beauty than with festive décor. As a wedding color expert, I’m here to share my favorite winter decorations trends for your special day!

First off, snowflake designs are the perfect way to set the tone for a winter wedding ceremony. Whether you opt for delicate paper cutouts or dazzling crystal accents, these wintry details will give your space an extra sparkle. Pair them with frosty touches like white roses or silver hued centerpieces, and you’ll instantly create a romantic and magical atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider going bold with bright colors. From vibrant reds to eye-catching oranges, these vivid shades will add life and energy to any room. You can also combine two opposite tones together—like purple and yellow—for truly stunning results!

To complete the look, pair your chosen palette with warm lighting and plenty of greenery; it’ll be sure to make your guests feel right at home even on the coldest days.

When planning your winter nuptials, don’t forget about texture either! With all those sparkly sequins and glittery garlands around, it’s important to have elements that stand out in softer ways too. Sheer fabrics draped along tables or chairs provide just enough subtlety while still making a statement. Natural materials like wood slices or pine cones lend a rustic charm as well—they’re especially great if you’re getting married outdoors!

No matter what style you choose for your celebration, remember that creativity is key when it comes decorating for winter weddings. So think outside the box (or should we say snow bank?) and let your imagination run wild this season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Certain Colors That Should Be Avoided For A December Wedding?

When planning a wedding, it’s important to consider all the details that will make your special day perfect. But one of the most pivotal decisions you’ll need to make is what colors to choose for your big day. Although there isn’t really a hard and fast rule about which colors work best for December weddings, there is some wisdom in avoiding certain shades. Read on to get an idea of how to approach your color palette like a pro!

As any wedding color strategist knows, dark colors can be tricky when it comes to winter celebrations. They could easily put a damper on the festivities if not used judiciously. Instead, opt for warmer hues or muted tones such as pastel pinks and blues that won’t overpower the atmosphere — think of it like icing on the cake rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. If you’re looking for something bolder while still staying within the theme, go with warm neutrals like champagne or ivory; they’re timeless choices that will stand out without stealing away from other elements at play.

At this point, you may have heard many things about how to pick the right colors for a December wedding but don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by too much advice.

When deciding on a color palette that works for you and fits your style and seasonality, try using an “outside-the-box” mentality – look beyond traditional seasonal themes and explore unexpected combinations that are unique and reflect your personality.

Then use complementary shades throughout everything from table settings to decorations so each element ties together nicely – this way you can create an event that truly resembles you and your fiance!

Choosing colors wisely is key when creating memorable nuptials during colder months. With careful thoughtfulness and creativity, you can craft a beautiful celebration no matter the time of year!

How Can I Incorporate My Wedding Colors Into The Decorations?

When it comes to adding a special touch of individuality and flair to your wedding day, incorporating the right combination of colors into wedding decorations is one way to make everything memorable. As a wedding color expert or strategist, there are many ways to use your chosen hues in creative ways that’ll bring out the best in every aspect of your ceremony and reception.

One great place to start when it comes to decorating with color is through floral arrangements. The type of flowers you choose can play an important role in how much impact each hue has on your event’s overall look and feel. Combining different shades together will give an added sense of balance while also making sure all your guests take notice!

Another popular option for personalizing the big day is by utilizing color combinations throughout the tablescape at the reception. By displaying colorful accents like table linens, centerpieces, candles, and other décor items, you have full control over creating a visual story that reflects who you are as a couple. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to using bright colors:

  • Choose Colors That Compliment Each Other – Selecting complementary colors will ensure that no single shade stands out too brightly from another. Try mixing warm tones with cool ones for subtle contrast that creates interest without feeling overwhelming.
  • Consider Your Color Scheme From Every Angle – When planning your design scheme, think about what looks good and what feels good. Think about how various textures such as fabrics or metallics could be used to enhance further any existing elements within the space where you plan on hosting the celebration.

By thoughtfully considering every detail and implementing creative touches that incorporate your favorite colors, you’ll be able to create lasting memories of love and joy among family and friends alike!

How Can I Ensure That My Wedding Colors Are Cohesive?

Ensuring a cohesive wedding color scheme can be overwhelming! But with the help of an expert, it doesn’t have to be. With my years of experience and knowledge in creating the perfect color-coordination for any special occasion, I’m here to make sure that your December wedding colors are nothing short of spectacular.

When deciding on a color-combination you’ll want to consider complimentary colors as well as avoiding too many bright or dark tones throughout your decorations. By balancing out neutral shades with subtle pops of brighter hues, you’ll create a visually pleasing look while still being unique. To ensure a harmonious palette across all elements at your event, try pairing different color-schemes together; this will give each individual piece variety without taking away from the overall effect.

My passion lies in helping couples bring their dream weddings to life through carefully chosen color pairings. With the right combinations, you can truly capture the essence of your celebration while staying within budget. As a wedding color strategist I understand how important it is for everything to come together seamlessly and I’m excited to work alongside you so you can achieve just that!

What Wedding Colors Will Be Most Popular In December?

Are you planning a December wedding? Choosing the right colors can make all the difference when it comes to creating an unforgettable event. As a wedding color expert, I’m here to help by sharing what will be the most popular wedding colors in December.

When selecting colors for your winter wonderland celebration, consider these key elements:

  • Decembers’ weather: Cool and crisp tones are perfect for this time of year as they evoke feelings of warmth and coziness that is associated with wintertime.
  • Your theme: Consider how the colors will coordinate with your overall vision and decor style.

Here are some ideas on what colors could work best for your special day:

  • Neutral Colors: Rich jewel tones such as blues, purples, greens, golds and reds create a warm yet timeless feel. Or go with muted shades like cream or ivory paired with sparkly accents like silver or champagne for an elegant look. Sublist 1: Blues – Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Steel Blue; Purples – Lavender, Violet; Greens – Teal Green, Sage Green; Golds – Rose Gold; Reds – Burgundy Red Sublist 2 : Cream/Ivory Shades ; Silver/Champagne Accents
  • Bold Colors: Bright hues such as cobalt blue or fuchsia pink will add a festive touch to any gathering. Opting for bolder shades also allows you to bring in more vibrant decorations without overwhelming the space. Sublist 1 : Cobalt Blue ; Fuchsia Pink ; Hot Pink ; Yellow; Orange Sublist 2 : Magenta ; Turquoise ; Lime Green ; Electric Purple

Whatever color palette you decide upon should reflect both your personal taste and aesthetic preferences while still complementing the season’s atmosphere. If chosen carefully, december wedding colors can truly transform any venue into something magical!

What Is The Best Way To Mix And Match Colors For My Wedding?

Mixing and matching colors for your wedding is like a dance between complementary hues. It can be an effortless flow of movement when done correctly, or it can end up in total chaos if you don’t have the right plan. As a wedding color strategist, I understand it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the decor ideas. But once you have identified the perfect mix-and-match of colors for your special day, everything else will fall into place!

So where do you begin? Start by considering which color palette best fits your vision: modern, classic, romantic…? Once you’ve established this framework, think about how each hue complements one another while still creating a unique look. For instance, two bold colors such as turquoise and fuchsia are both vibrant and eye-catching; however they must be carefully balanced so neither overpowers the other. Likewise, softer shades such as lavender and blush pair wonderfully together but require additional accents to bring them to life.

When selecting color combinations for any event—especially weddings—it helps to work backward from existing elements like wedding invitations or floral arrangements. Doing so allows you to get creative with what works within those boundaries rather than being confined by them. This also ensures that every detail flows seamlessly throughout the celebration- ensuring nothing clashes in style or theme.

The most important thing to remember when mixing and matching wedding colors is that there is no one size fits all solution – ultimately what matters most is that these choices reflect who you are as a couple and make your big day truly memorable! With some thoughtful planning and creativity, the possibilities are endless for finding just the right combination of complementary hues for your dreamy December affair.


The key to a successful December wedding is finding the perfect colors that will bring your special day alive. As an experienced wedding color strategist, I have seen it all when it comes to December weddings and can confidently say that there are some amazing combinations out there.

When selecting colors for your big day, be sure to stay away from overly bright or dark shades and instead opt for softer hues like pastels and neutrals. Doing this will create a warm and inviting atmosphere that everyone will appreciate. Additionally, try mixing and matching complementary colors such as navy blue with blush pink or sage green with ivory – these classic pairings never fail!

Finally, don’t forget the power of symbolism when choosing your wedding colors. For example, if you want to add a festive feel to your day, why not incorporate traditional Christmas colors such as reds and greens? Or perhaps if romance is more your thing then soft pinks might be just what you need. Whichever palette you decide on, remember that it should reflect both you and your future spouse’s personalities – after all, this is YOUR special day!

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