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Easy and Inexpensive Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas




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bridal shower decoration ideas

There are many different ways to decorate for a bridal shower. You can go rustic, tropical, or elegant. The choices are almost endless. Just make sure that the theme of the shower matches the bride-to-be’s personality. Here are some simple ideas to add some flare to your shower. You can also use your own creativity and imagination to make your shower more unique.


Whether the bride-to-be is a self-proclaimed bookworm or just likes to decorate with books, there are several simple bridal shower decoration ideas that are easy and inexpensive to make. A simple DIY banner made from ripped pages of an old book can be a great way to decorate the room. You can find these in used bookstores or at dollar stores. You can then cut the pages into simple pennants and attach them to a piece of ribbon using Scotch tape. Another simple party decoration is macarons – the prettiest of all sweet treats. The bride-to-be can find these at Trader Joe’s or make them herself and decorate them with French flags.

Flowers are also an important part of any bridal shower. These can be used in an endless number of ways to decorate the venue. Using scented candles and a floral centerpiece can create a majestic look. You can also use an earthy theme for the table decorations. A wooden table decorated with blooms in vases and a glass photo frame can create a stunning and personal feel for the bride-to-be.

Aside from flowers, other decorations for bridal showers include food, furniture, signage, cutlery, and flowers. A few fun and inexpensive items that can double as decor are custom plastic cups and tablecloths. You can also purchase candy in bulk from online distributors. Decorative items like heart-shaped coasters and champagne bottles will make the venue look more cohesive.

Pink is one of the most popular colors for bridal showers. It evokes happiness and joy. Another great idea is a cocktail bar. These are not only functional, but also make great photo opportunities. If you’re planning an outdoor bridal shower, consider hiring a planner who can source signage for you. A cute backdrop is another simple decoration idea that will make your guests feel welcome.

Napkin Bows are another simple decoration idea for bridal showers. These can be made by printing the letters on cardstock. You can follow the instructions at Fraiche or Sweetly Chic Events and Designs.


If you’re hosting a bridal shower, there are some easy and affordable ways to decorate the room. One simple idea is to make a photo wall. Gather up some old family photos or print outs of the bride and groom. Hang the photos from the ceiling or on a string and create a simple photo wall for the guest of honor.

Another simple decoration idea is to put up marquee letters. These can be purchased from a party supply store and used to cover wall areas. You can also make custom signs using a bridal-themed theme. These are also great photo props. Another option is to have a photo booth. Make sure you provide plenty of time for photos.

Another fun idea is to serve tea or cocktails. A vintage teapot can double as a gift for the bride. Its light green color and embossed grapevine design make it a great accent. You can also choose elegant paper bridal shower supplies that feature a pretty floral pattern. These will add a beautiful touch to any table setting.

A theme party is another great way to make a bridal shower more elegant. Consider using the bride’s favorite color. This way, decorations will look more cohesive. A Disney-themed shower, for example, will make the bride feel like a princess. Tiaras, sugar cookies, and pearl-based centerpieces can make the party look even more magical. Alternatively, you can go ultra-glam by using black dinnerware and gold hues.

If you don’t want to spend hours decorating the room, hiring a professional decorator can be an inexpensive and effective option. They can provide the highest quality decoration in a short period of time. This saves you time and lets you enjoy the festivities. Having a beautiful shower isn’t hard, but the right decorations can make the event memorable.

A game that makes the guests laugh is another fun option. A game similar to charades with wedding movies will be a great option. Divide guests into teams, and reveal the movies on cards. In three minutes, the team with the highest guess wins.


If you want to create a rustic bridal shower decoration theme, you can use rustic objects and materials to make the decorations. Chalkboards and wooden easels can be great decorative pieces to create a rustic look. You can even create your own chalkboard with a custom wedding countdown to add a personal touch. Other rustic decorations include succulents and mason jars filled with candy, hot chocolate mix, or even a recipe for the newlyweds. Another idea is to create a DIY sign or banner with burlap. These can be used as backdrops for the tables.

Rustic bridal shower decoration ideas are simple and easy to create. The key is to use neutral colors and natural materials for the theme. Wooden or burlap centerpieces will look best with the rustic theme. You can also use metal stands filled with flowers and greenery for a unique look. Other great decor items are old bottles, lanterns, and other items that add a natural element to the theme.

The theme of a rustic bridal shower is the perfect fit for brides who love nature and the farmhouse look. You can purchase inexpensive decorations for your event online, or create your own decorations from scratch with a little DIY work. If you’d like, you can also hire a professional decorator to decorate the event. There are also many ideas to make your own party favors and activities.

Another idea for rustic bridal shower decoration is to use Mason jars as favors. These can be sprayed in the colors of the wedding and wrapped in twine. This type of decor is simple, sweet and eco-friendly. It’s also a fun excuse to serve homemade lemonade.

You can also incorporate recycled wine bottles into the decor. You can place candles or flowers in the bottles to add a touch of color. A rustic bridal shower can also incorporate a beautiful teapot with a grapevine design on its sides. This would be the perfect gift for the bride-to-be.

Another fun idea for rustic bridal shower decoration ideas is to use jars filled with sweet treats or other treats. You can also use different heights of jars. Another option is to cover a venue in burlap. This would be the perfect way to add a romantic touch to the event.


Incorporate tropical flowers, leaves, and fruits in your bridal shower decoration ideas. You can use colorful candles, pineapple placemats, and fans to welcome your guests. A tropical flower wall is also a great way to transport your guests to an island paradise. You can rent a faux flower wall from an event supply company, or you can create a botanical backdrop yourself using giant faux leaves.

If your shower is to take place under the sea, be sure to use aqua blue throughout the party. You can even use it on the chairs, napkins, and table settings. Use other bright colors from the ocean to bring your theme to life. While flowers are a great addition, you should limit them to a few pieces. You can even use a seaweed-inspired string of greenery to decorate the tables.

If you’re having a shower during the fall or winter months, you might want to use decorations that reflect the season. You can use burlap, wood slices, and other natural elements. You can also incorporate tropical elements, such as coconut halfshells, for a more romantic ambiance. In addition, if you’d like a shower that’s bright and cheerful, use a variety of metallics.

In addition to incorporating florals and greenery in your floral arrangements, consider hosting a tea party. You can serve tea sandwiches in a vintage teapot, or place a tea bar display on a vintage wooden ladder. The vintage wood ladders also make great decorations, and you can even display vintage pictures of the bride and groom. In addition, consider having a custom banner to greet guests, and give them a flower crown as a token of appreciation. You could even offer a split of the bride’s favorite wine.

A tropical theme is an ideal choice for a bridal shower. This theme is fun and exciting. You can use bright colors, tropical flowers, and tropical-themed favors to make your shower more tropical and unique. The flowers and decorations should make guests feel like they are in a tropical dream. You can use seasonal flowers and palm leaves as centerpieces, and tropical-themed balloons can be used as tabletop decor and as a backdrop for photos.

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