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March Wedding Colors And Combinations




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Hello fellow wedding enthusiasts! Are you ready to create the perfect color combination for your upcoming March nuptials? As a wedding color expert, let me share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks on how to pick out just the right colors that will bring life and joy into your special day.

When it comes to finding the perfect palette for an early spring celebration, there are so many beautiful combinations that can be created. From subtle pastels to vibrant jewel tones – each hue has something unique to offer. With just a bit of careful planning, you’ll be able to find the ideal set of colors that creates a look that is both timeless and modern.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes time to decide upon your March wedding colors. I want nothing more than for you to have all the information at hand so that selecting these hues can become an enjoyable part of this exciting process! So, let’s get started exploring some great ideas and see what amazing shades we come up with together!

Whole Year Wedding Colors And Combinations

Popular Color Schemes

Getting married in the spring is a beautiful thing. With so many colors and combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will capture your special day. One of my favorite color schemes for March weddings is pink-purple. This combination creates a romantic atmosphere with hints of royalty and enchantment.

Navy gold can also be used as an elegant classic look for those who prefer a more timeless feel. For couples looking to add a bit of fun into their ceremony, green-yellow pairs nicely together for a cheerful vibe. Peach-gray is another popular choice for creating a softer atmosphere, while teal-orange brings out the joyousness of tying the knot. These are just some ideas to help get you started when deciding on what wedding colors are right for you – now let’s talk about spring color themes!

Spring Color Themes

When it comes to spring wedding color themes, there are so many incredible options! As a wedding color expert, I like to recommend either romantic blooms or pearly pastels for your special day. Romantic blooms consist of colors such as pink, lavender and peach that create an atmosphere of romance and beauty. Pearly pastels also provide the perfect combination of softness, elegance and subtlety with shades such as mint green, light yellow and ivory.

For those looking for something more earthy yet still bright, I suggest opting for some vibrant jewels like deep purple, orange or teal. These jewel tones will add just enough drama without overwhelming your guests. Plus these colors look stunning in photos!

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a classic monochromatic palette. Opting for a single hue is timeless and chic, allowing you to incorporate shades within the same family. This creates beautiful contrast while maintaining cohesion throughout all aspects of your big day. With careful planning and attention to detail, this type of style can truly make any couple shine on their special day!

Monochromatic Palettes

Monochromatic palettes are the perfect way to create a calming and elegant atmosphere for your wedding day. With so many shades of one color, you can find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to achieving an understated look.

Neutral tones like white, cream, ivory or beige are classic choices for weddings that have a timeless feel about them. You could opt for all-white décor with touches of greenery here and there, or go for something more colorful such as navy blue or lavender. The possibilities are endless!

The great thing about monochromatic colors is that they’re incredibly versatile – from bold brights to muted pastels – making it easy to mix textures and materials without overwhelming your guests. A neutral palette also allows you to add splashes of other colors if desired; make sure everything ties together by having similar hues across different elements of your decor.

By carefully selecting shades within the same family and coordinating accessories accordingly, you can achieve a cohesive yet striking aesthetic at your wedding that won’t soon be forgotten! From soft neutrals to vibrant jewel tones, monochromatic palettes provide an ideal backdrop for creating beautiful memories on your special day. Let’s move onto how contrasting colors can bring life into any space…

Contrasting Colors

Did you know that one of the most popular wedding color combinations is black and white? This classic pairing allows couples to create a stunning contrast with vibrant shades, bold colors, and light hues. For those looking to add an element of surprise to their special day, contrasting colors are definitely worth considering.

From bright oranges and pinks to deep purples and blues, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to creating a visually dynamic atmosphere. Whether they want something soft or loud, couples have plenty of ways in which they can express themselves through their chosen color palette. If muted tones are preferred but still need some excitement, accenting them with softer neutrals like ivory or blush can do wonders for any nuptial event.

For couples who prefer more subtlety in their aesthetic choices yet don’t want to appear bland, choosing different shades from within the same color family is always a safe bet. This allows them to mix up the vibrancy levels without going overboard on either end of the spectrum – plus it’s easy on the eyes! From here we transition into shaded tones and how they can be used as a creative way to bring elegance and sophistication into your wedding day look.

Shaded Tones

When it comes to shaded tones, there are so many options for a March wedding! Blush-tones are the perfect way to give your special day a romantic touch. They bring a softness and subtlety that will allow other colors in the palette to stand out.

Soft pastel-tones, like lavender or mint green, can add an element of fun and whimsy.

Muted shades such as taupe or mocha can bring warmth and sophistication into the mix. And muted-tones like baby blue or pale yellow provide a gentle backdrop with just enough color to keep things interesting. All these shades work beautifully together to create a stunning visual impact on your big day.

Now let’s move on to accent colors – they’re key in adding depth and texture to your overall look!

Accent Colors

When it comes to selecting colors for a March wedding, the accent colors should be chosen with care. These bold and vibrant shades will bring out the personality of your celebration and help make it special. The best color combinations include deep shades such as purple or magenta paired with light shades like peach or pink.

You can also choose pastel hues like lavender or turquoise to add a bit of softness to your overall theme. When used correctly, these colors can create an eye-catching contrast that will really bring your decor together in a beautiful way.

Accenting with natural elements is another great way to infuse life into your design scheme without overpowering any other aspect of your wedding day vision. Natural materials like wood, stone, terracotta, dried flowers and leaves all provide wonderful opportunities to layer texture and depth while still keeping things harmonious.

Natural Elements

Many couples wonder if it’s possible to incorporate natural elements into their wedding palette without sacrificing elegance and sophistication. The answer is a resounding yes! Nature-inspired colors, like muted greens and earthy neutrals, make for an organic look that won’t be anything short of beautiful.

Natural-hues provide the perfect backdrop for rustic details such as wood accents, weathered metal pieces and floral accents.

Couples looking to add something extra can also opt for unique touches such as stone tiles or pebbles. With these subtle yet stunning additions, you’ll have no problem creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity on your special day.

To bring out the best in nature-inspired hues, consider pairing them with other organic tones like sage green or olive yellow – the result will be nothing short of captivating! With just a few simple touches, you can easily infuse your celebration with warmth and charm while still maintaining the timeless beauty that comes from embracing natural elements in your wedding color scheme.

Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns can be a great way to add visual interest to your wedding decor. It’s also an excellent way to incorporate different color combinations into the mix. With pattern mixing, you don’t have to limit yourself to one or two colors. Instead, you can layer and combine multiple prints in various hues for an eye-catching display.

Here are some tips on how to successfully create pattern combinations:

  • Start with a base print that is neutral or subtle enough not to overpower other prints.
  • Introduce complimentary patterns by starting off with small doses of each design and then slowly increasing their presence as needed.
  • Layer contrasting but coordinating prints together; think stripes combined with polka dots, florals with geometric shapes, etc.
  • Balance larger scale prints with smaller ones and use several shades of the same color throughout the space for added depth and dimension.

By following these guidelines when creating mixed patterns for your march wedding, you’ll be able to create interesting visuals that will really stand out against all those traditional white weddings! Now let’s move onto colorful decorations which will take this look even further!

Colorful Decorations

When it comes to planning a March wedding, color plays an important role in bringing your special day together. I’m here to help you create a unique and beautiful atmosphere with some of my favorite colorful decorations!

Flower arrangements can transform any space into something magical. From cascading bouquets to elaborate centerpieces, flowers are the perfect way to incorporate eye-catching hues into your venue. Table linens are another great option for adding pops of color throughout your reception area. Whether you opt for bright tablecloths or colored napkins, these small details will make all the difference in creating an inviting atmosphere.

Garlands and wall hangings have become increasingly popular as decoration pieces at weddings. Not only are they incredibly versatile – from hanging over doorways to draping above tables – but they also provide a wonderful opportunity for showcasing vibrant colors that represent the season.

Speaking of centerpieces, there’s no better time than springtime to bring out bold shades and stunning floral designs that dazzle guests during dinner time. With just a bit of creativity and inspiration, you’ll be sure to come up with some gorgeous centerpiece ideas that will take your event decor up a notch!

As you begin planning your dream wedding – don’t forget about all the little details! Now let’s move onto discussing how you can accessorize on your big day…

Wedding Day Accessories

As the decor for your wedding day comes together, you may be wondering what colors and combinations to choose for accessories. It’s time to think of that extra bit of pizzazz on this special occasion! To ensure a polished look throughout your big day, we’ll explore some top color pairings that will bring out the best in all those key details—from wedding shoes, bridal jewelry, groom attire, flower bouquets and cake toppers.

Let’s begin with an ever-classic combination: navy blue and yellow gold. This timeless duo will set off any bride or groom’s outfit, while also adding a touch of sophistication. Navy adds drama, while golden accents add warmth, making it ideal for modern couples who want their style to speak volumes about them. Plus, these colors are perfect for spring weddings when sunlight bounces off the sparkling hues creating a magical atmosphere!

Are you looking for something more traditional? Why not opt for white and silver? A classic pairing that never goes out of style – no matter how much trends change over time – this combo exudes elegance from every angle. Its neutral undertones and shimmering metallic shine make everything seem brighter without overpowering other elements at play. Whether you’re going for simple or extravagant decorations, white and silver can help make it truly unforgettable!

There’s nothing like red and black for bolder personalities looking to make a statement on their special day. The contrast between these two hues creates an eye-catching aesthetic that radiates energy yet still maintains a sense of refinement. Both have been used historically in wedding ceremonies—black as a sign of strength and protection while red symbolizes love and passion—making them the ultimate choice if you crave something both striking yet meaningful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Pick A Color Scheme For My Wedding?

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding can be an overwhelming task. With so many beautiful options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect palette. But if you take time to consider all the available options and trends, selecting the right colors for your special day will become much easier.

When deciding on a color palette for your wedding, think about what kind of atmosphere or theme you want to create. Do you envision a romantic celebration with muted pastels? A modern event with bright jewel tones? Or something else entirely? Knowing what type of vibe you’re hoping to achieve is essential when picking out colors—it will help guide decisions throughout other aspects of planning as well.

Next, start looking around for inspiration! The internet is full of ideas and examples that could spark new thoughts, while magazines are great resources too. If there’s any particular fabrics, flowers, decorations or even place settings that catch your eye and inspire different hues, save them in an idea folder to refer back to later.

Additionally, look into current wedding trends; this year we’re seeing lots of bold shades like deep plums and emerald greens paired with natural textures like woodsy accents and foliage garlands. To make things simpler for yourself, here’s a few tips:

  • Take cues from nature – Incorporate neutrals such as earthy browns or sandy tans along with vibrant blooms like peonies & daisies
  • Embrace unexpected combinations – Consider combining soft pinks & blues with brighter pops of yellow or orange (or vice versa!)
  • Experiment before committing – Try out various swatches or samples ahead of time so you can get an accurate representation of how everything looks together
  • Find balance – Make sure each shade stands out on its own but also complements the others within the same space

Once you have narrowed down several choices that fit within your desired theme and aesthetic preferences, try creating mood boards using digital tools or physical ones with fabric swatches and paint chips pinned onto corkboards until the final decision has been made. This way you’ll have visual representations which makes choosing one option much easier than trying to keep track solely in your head!

What Are Some Tips For Making Sure My Wedding Colors Complement Each Other?

When you are choosing colors for your wedding, it can be a daunting task. You want something that is unique and special to you and your partner, but also something that will look beautiful in photos years down the line. Here are some tips on how to make sure your colors complement each other perfectly!

First of all, consider matching tones. Think about what shades of color work together – do they match? If you choose two similar colors with different hues, such as blue and green, they won’t stand out against one another too much. This allows them to blend into a harmonious shade rather than creating an overly vibrant combination.

Second, think about contrast. Color contrast is important because it helps create a strong visual impact when choosing complementary hues for your wedding day decor. For example, if you have chosen pink and yellow as your main wedding palette then having darker shades of both these colors can really help bring out the vibrancy between them. It creates an eye-catching aesthetic which looks great in photographs!

Finally, don’t forget to take into account any additional design elements such as flowers or textures that might influence how the colors come across in pictures or video footage. By ensuring that everything works well together ahead of time, you can rest assured knowing that your chosen wedding colors will shine through beautifully on the big day!

What Is The Most Popular Wedding Color Combination Right Now?

Are you planning a wedding and wondering what the most popular color combination is right now? You’re not alone! According to a survey by The Knot, 43% of couples choose shades of purple for their weddings. This makes it one of the most popular colors in 2020.

As an expert in wedding colors, I understand how important it is to choose combinations that will perfectly complement each other. With all the options out there, selecting the perfect ones can be overwhelming. To ensure harmony between your chosen shades, here are some tips:

First, consider picking two primary colors with similar tones and use lighter or darker variations of them as accents. For example, if you opt for navy blue and peach as your main hues, then pale pink and light gray can be used as accent colors. This creates a beautiful palette that allows all the colors to blend seamlessly while still being distinct.

Second, explore ways to incorporate metallics such as gold and silver into your wedding theme without overpowering the overall look. Metallics bring a touch of elegance to any event – but too much can make things seem tacky rather than sophisticated. Try using subtle hints like ribbons on bouquets or shimmery table linens instead of large metallic decorations. This way, they’ll add just enough sparkle without taking away from your carefully crafted color scheme.

With these tips in mind, you’ll find creating your dream wedding color palette easier than ever! Keep exploring different ideas until you find something that reflects your personalities and aesthetic preferences – this is about celebrating love!

How Can I Make Sure My Wedding Colors Don’t Clash?

Choosing the perfect wedding colors can be a daunting task. When combining different hues and shades, you want to make sure that they will coordinate without clashing or looking garish. The key is to pick shades that contrast yet complement each other in texture and hue.

When selecting your color scheme, consider using two primary tones with variations of shades from both. This allows for more depth and variation throughout the event – like having an accent wall when decorating a room! You could also add in touches of neutrals to keep things classic and timeless. Opt for muted versions of bolder colors if you’re also looking for something subtly stylish.

Don’t forget about accessories too! Accent pieces such as napkins, tablecloths, vases, etc., should all tie into your day’s overall look and feel while still standing out on their own. If done correctly, these details will really bring your vision together in a cohesive way – making it easy to spot any potential clashes before they happen.

As an expert in wedding color selection, I recommend taking some time to experiment with various combinations until you find one that works best for you and your partner’s big day. With careful consideration and guidance, you can create a stunning palette that won’t leave guests feeling overwhelmed – but rather inspired by its beauty!

Is There A Way To Incorporate Natural Elements Into My Color Scheme?

When it comes to wedding colors, incorporating natural elements into your color scheme can make a big impact. From floral arrangements to the table linen and decorations; there are many ways that you can add organic touches to your special day. By carefully selecting combination of hues and tones, you can tie in these natural elements with ease – creating a unique look that perfectly suits your vision for the event.

Opting for softer shades inspired by nature is often a great way to get started on building up your own individual style. Think about delicate pinks or blushes, earthy greens, delicate blues and other muted tones which will bring an air of tranquility and sophistication to proceedings! For those looking for something bolder, why not add warm oranges and reds? These combinations will still feel connected to nature but with added vibrancy – perfect if you’re going for a modern take on traditional springtime themes.

Whichever route you decide to go down when planning out your wedding color palette, be sure to think outside-the-box too – from using complimentary seasonal fruits as part of centerpieces or decorative accents such as pinecones or moss balls dotted throughout the venue! All of this will help ensure that guests remember your day long after they have left the ceremony.

Ultimately, getting creative with natural elements within your chosen wedding colors is surefire way of making sure yours is one truly memorable occasion!


When it comes to choosing the perfect color scheme for your wedding, there are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming. The key is to balance colors you love and those that will look amazing together. Choosing the right combination of hues is essential to creating an unforgettable atmosphere on your special day.

One interesting statistic I’ve noticed in my years as a wedding color expert is that more couples than ever before are opting for pastel shades over bolder tones—particularly pink, peach, mint green and lavender shades. These light, muted hues create an inviting atmosphere while still allowing other decorative elements such as flowers or centerpieces to shine through.

The most important thing when selecting your wedding colors is finding combinations you love and feel reflect the style of celebration you desire. Don’t forget to explore natural elements too! Incorporating subtle touches from nature can help complete your overall vision and make sure all eyes are on you with admiration throughout the big day!

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