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The Best Wedding Party Entrance Songs




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best wedding party entrance songs

If you are looking for the best wedding party entrance songs, there are plenty of choices out there. You can go with Marvin Gaye’s I Gotta Feeling, U2’s With or Without You, or AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. Each has a memorable guitar riff and will make your guests feel happy and excited.

Marvin Gaye’s I Gotta Feeling

If you’re planning a wedding where your wedding party will be making an entrance before the ceremony begins, Marvin Gaye’s “I Gotta Feeling” may be the perfect choice. This 70s classic is not only a great choice for the entrance, but it will also have everyone cheering and clapping along. The wedding party will form a line in the aisle as the 70s-inspired guitar lick kicks in. Guests cheer for the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle.

If you want your wedding party to make a big entrance, you can pick a song from the 1980s. Bonnie Tyler’s “Pepsi” was a top ten hit in 1981. You can even find multiple Pepsi commercials featuring the song.

The original version by Marvin Gaye has more soul than James Taylor’s version. It’s also easier to strut and clap to the song’s beat. However, if you’d prefer a more gentle and subdued version, you can choose a James Taylor cover. Both versions are great options and have a wide variety of uses.

Another great choice for the wedding party entrance is Diana Ross’ 1970 version. This version was nominated for a Grammy and received numerous accolades. However, the original song by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell is also worth a listen. Either way, it’s a fun, funky choice for the wedding party entrance.

Usher’s Turn Down for What

As the wedding party enters the ceremony, the guests should be greeted with an uplifting song. This Usher hit was released in 2004 and makes a fun entrance song. It has a fun beat that signals the beginning of the party. The lyrics are uplifting and romantic, while the catchy bass keeps the wedding party on their feet.

If you’re looking for a feel-good song, try “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” It’s a pop hit that’s reminiscent of the 1960s, and the song’s catchy lyrics make it the perfect entrance song. The song also features the sound of wedding bells throughout.

Another choice is Bruno Mars. This song is very popular and is sure to get everyone dancing. It’s also great for younger guests, and it’s available in karaoke versions. It may even inspire a dance battle between the guests. If you’re looking for wedding party entrance songs that will get everyone in the mood, this is the perfect choice.

“Love Me Do” is another Beatles classic, released as a stand-alone single. Though it’s considered hokey by many, it is a great choice as an entrance song. In addition to being one of the top 200 songs of the 1960s, it depicts the progression of a relationship between a young woman and a man.

Captain & Tennille’s 1975 cover

Captain & Tennille’s cover of Neil Sedaka’s 1975 hit “Love Will Keep Us Together” is a wonderful choice for your wedding party entrance song. This duet of husband-and-wife musicians dominated the 70s with keyboard instrumentals. Despite their popularity, their time in the spotlight wasn’t very long. In fact, they were only in the spotlight for a decade.

The duo has recorded many covers of Neil Sedaka’s songs. Their 1975 album The Hungry Years features a variety of Neil Sedaka classics. In 1976, they released “Lonely Night (Angel Face)” as a single. It was a hit in the United States and Canada. The track reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also a number one hit in Canada. The song went on to chart at number nine in Australia and number ten in New Zealand.

Tennille has written a memoir of her life. She was previously married to Daryl Dragon. The two divorced in 2014 due to Daryl Dragon’s health issues. However, they remained close. Sadly, Dragon died in 2019 after a lengthy illness.

Captain & Tennille’s 1976 hit “Wedding Day” is another good option. The band released an extended version of the song in 1996. The song has a retro sound and a message for couples. This song can serve as an anthem for your wedding party entrance.

Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love

If you want your guests to feel rocked and roll, this song is the perfect choice. Featuring an opening riff from Jimmy Page, the bassist John Paul Jones, and Robert Plant’s soaring vocals, “Whole Lotta Love” has sex appeal and integrity.

You can also choose from a wide variety of songs from different genres. For example, Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” is often used for weddings, but “Falling Slowly” by Tom Odell is a more upbeat alternative. If you want to go with a less-popular choice, try “The Book of Love” by The Pixies. This indie classic describes the depths of love and how it endures.

Another classic wedding party entrance song is Led Zeppelin’s Whole lotta Love. This classic rock song from 1969 is the perfect choice for a party that’s sure to wow guests. It’s a great choice for a rock wedding reception or a wedding party introduction.

Another popular choice for wedding party entrance songs is P!nk’s “Get the Party Started.” It’s a song for the wedding party, and its upbeat beat makes it a fun entry song. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” also has a fun beat and a fun message.

Led Zeppelin’s “Wild Lotta Love” contains a number of love songs. It also features a tribute to the band’s beloved dog, Strider. Robert Plant had brought Strider with him to Wales during the writing of the band’s third album. In the song, he walks with his dog and wonders if love will continue after so many wrongs.

Chubby Checker’s Twist dance

If your wedding party is in the mood for a fun dance, consider using Chubby Checker’s Twisted dance as the entrance song. Originally a YMCA hit, the song was popular among teens and young adults in the early 1960s. The song was rewritten for modern audiences, and has since become a wedding reception staple.

The Twist dance is one of the most popular dances from the 1960s. The song was popular with young people who loved the 1960s music and dance craze. It was also fun to dance. It’s easy to learn, and can be performed by members of the wedding party and their friends.

A song that reminds you of the good old days is always welcome at a wedding. This ’60s jazz standard was a No. 1 hit in the UK, and Louis Armstrong made history by becoming the oldest artist to top the charts. The song made it to the US Top 40 when it appeared in the movie Good Morning, Vietnam. This classic love song would be a hit at any wedding.

This song is easy to learn, and it is a great dance for a big wedding party. This song features a fast-paced, high-energy dance that can get everyone in the mood for the reception.

Marvin Gaye’s I’m Yours

Whether you’re in the wedding party or looking for a special song for your wedding day, Marvin Gaye’s I’m yours is one of the most romantic wedding songs ever recorded. The Motown star became one of the biggest stars in the world in the early 60s and stayed on to make music well into the eighties. His original version of the song was a hit in the U.S. and spent four weeks at the top of the charts. This classic is now popular in wedding receptions as a cocktail song or second dance tune.

Although the original version is a 1960s pop classic, there are other great wedding party entrance songs. Diana Ross’s cover version garnered a Grammy nomination, but the version performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell is also worth checking out. It’s a fun, non-traditional tune that is sure to get everyone dancing.

Another classic wedding party entrance song is Dean Martin’s That’s Amore, which is a classic love song. If you’re feeling more modern, there are also several recent songs that can be a great choice for your wedding party entrance.

For a more sexy and fun-filled entrance, consider listening to R&B wedding songs. These songs are more upbeat and exciting than the traditional wedding songs, but are still romantic and feel-good. Whitney Houston’s “Count on Me” and Beyonce’s “After all is said and done” are great examples of these songs.

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