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Top 5 Bridal Shower Themes




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The night sky is one of the most beautiful and romantic themes for a bridal shower. To create this atmosphere, choose soft, pastel colors and add metallic accents. You can even use constellation prints as decorations and play games inspired by astrology. If the bride-to-be is very into astrology, you can incorporate tarot readings and astrological games into the shower.

bridal shower themes

Beau-coup theme

The tea party is one of the most popular and traditional bridal shower themes. It can be a white-glove affair or an Alice in Wonderland tea party. Guests can attend as a pair or as individuals and enjoy finger foods, scones, and mini sandwiches. The bride and the guests can dress up for the occasion in fancy hats and wear flowers or other decorative items to add to the theme. A tea party is a much simpler affair than a dinner party, and there are many great gift items choices.

In addition to providing a unique and original theme for the shower, Beau-coup also offers a variety of party favors and supplies to help create a beautiful atmosphere. The party supplies at Beau-coup are of high quality and offer better prices than most big box stores. Products on the website range from personalized stemless wine glasses to customized life-saver candies. Other party favors include personalized favor boxes, Golden Renaissance glass tea light holders, and die-cut heart favor boxes.

The shower can also be themed around the bride’s or groom’s ethnic background. In addition, guests can bring their favorite alcoholic drinks and mix them up to create signature drinks. Another great option for a shower is to hold the shower at the bride and groom’s favorite bar. This way, guests will get to take home a souvenir from the event.

For decorations, you can choose from several different styles and colors. The bride-to-be can personalize the party favors and decide what she would like best. In addition to giving out prizes, you can also purchase personalized lip balm, bath salts, and purse hooks, among other items. Whatever you choose, make sure it coordinates with the shower theme.

Cooking-Inspired Theme

The bride-to-be’s favorite recipes can be used as bridal shower decorations. For example, you can use the bride’s favorite cookbook to make favors for the guests. You can also use a giant plate and sign it with a porcelain paint pen before baking it in the oven. Another idea is to send blank recipe cards to guests as shower favors. Each guest can fill in a recipe and return it to the bride’s shower.

Guests can also contribute their favorite recipes to a cookbook. These would be precious gifts for the bride. Guests can also bring fun kitchenware such as chopping boards and cooking spoons. Cooking-inspired bridal shower themes make perfect wedding gifts, too. While this idea is not practical for all bridal showers, it can still be used for an unusual occasions.

A personalized cookbook or recipe box is a lovely gift for a bride-to-be who loves to cook. The bride-to-be can also save family recipes in it. In addition, a stylish monogram serving tray makes an ideal bridal shower gift. The bride-to-be can display it in her kitchen after the shower and can use it for many other special occasions. Another unique way to celebrate the wedding is to give the bride-to-be a personalized olive oil glass bottle favor.

A cooking-inspired bridal shower is a great way to honor a special lady in your life. With a Julia Child-inspired theme, you can create the perfect celebration for the bride-to-be. You can include vintage food tins and pots throughout your event venue and give your guests personalized aprons and chef’s hats. You can even have a crepe bar at the shower.

Garden Party Theme

A bridal shower with a garden party theme evokes images of sunny days, lush flowers, and the smells of nature. This theme is perfect for brides who love to spend time outdoors and can be adapted for an indoor or outdoor venue. You can hold the shower in a private patio, sun room, or a restaurant, and you can keep the decorations simple. You can always recreate the outdoor vibe with fun tags and invitations if you don’t have a garden.

You can use floral bridal shower invitations and decorations to complete the look. You can also buy personalized soaps with a floral motif. The soaps come in various colors, and you can mix and match. You can also use greenery-covered nine-inch paper plates to create a tropical-inspired atmosphere. You can also serve rose-decorated cookies as unique dessert table treats.

If you want your guests to leave the party happy, you can incorporate edible flowers into the desserts. You can also add edible flowers to beverages like Prosecco. You can even add them to the donuts or cupcakes. You can even serve popsicles with berries and other fruits.

The themes that fit the bridal shower’s location are endless. An outdoor event makes for a beautiful setting. If the venue has a garden, you can use a beautiful garden as a backdrop for your reception. In the South, bridal showers are a major event. Consider a theme that reflects the bride’s personality, style, and interests.

In the summer, a tropical party theme is an excellent choice. If the bride loves the beach, she may enjoy a beach-themed shower. Use colorful tableware, pineapple vases, and flamingo-patterned tablecloths. If her family and friends cannot attend, you can send a mini package in advance or even make an online virtual shower for them.

Retro Theme

Throwing a retro bridal shower party can be fun and inspiring. A retro theme can be anything from the twenties to the wild sixties or disco eighties. A great way to make it different from the usual bridal shower is to invite a few friends to dress up in vintage fashions or use vintage decorations for decorations.

You can use vintage-inspired paper lanterns to add a touch of vintage style to the decorations. These lanterns can also serve as photo booth backdrops. You can also use vintage-inspired teacups for a unique touch. This theme will look wonderful in autumn. This theme will also be appropriate for an outdoor bridal shower, where you can enjoy the outdoors.

A retro bridal shower can be fun for the whole family. A bride’s future husband-to-be can also attend and enjoy a fun shower with men and women alike. The rich colors in retro themes will create a romantic atmosphere. You can also incorporate elements of nature into your decor to tie everything together. Seashells, starfish, and canoes are great items to include. Besides providing a great atmosphere for your guests, you can also provide thoughtful gifts for the bride.

Travel-Themed Theme

A travel-themed bridal shower theme can be adorable and fun. For example, a luggage drop-off sign could be the centerpiece of the bridal shower, or a travel-themed welcome sign could be created from vintage map paper. You could also stage a photo booth with a luggage-style backdrop.

A travel-themed bridal shower can be simple, fun, and inexpensive to plan. The theme can be incorporated into many party parts, such as the invitations. You can create invitations that include boarding passes, a travel-themed map banner, and even favor boxes. These can be custom-designed and made to match your color scheme.

You can use accent colors to tie the entire bridal shower theme together. For example, you could use white, blue, and red for your decorations. You can also add rhinestones to accent the colors. Also, you can use various types of fabrics for the decorations. You can purchase ribbons and other craft supplies for the decorations and get material for the backdrop or bunting for your travel-themed bridal shower.

Map flowers can serve as a table centerpiece. The beautiful map flowers are made from recycled paper maps and are available in sets of 12. They can be custom-made to represent a particular country. If you’d like to give your guests gifts that reflect the travel-themed theme, you can also make an engraved or printed travel-themed ring box.

If you want to make your shower even more unique and personal, consider creating custom photo table cards. They’re a great way to give your guests personalized table designations and even include text. One place card holder you can find online is a travel-themed suitcase place card holder. Each one comes with a matching white place card.

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